The Healer
by  Patricia Marie
Part II
“So, I’m just curious…”  Tony spoke in whispers so he wouldn’t disturb Tirzah.  They had convinced her to rest on the bed
and had removed themselves to the living area.  “Do you know how all of this works?  Maya says that it’s some sort of

“Honestly…”  Carter whispered, glancing at his wife.  “I haven’t a clue!  But it’s real, mate!  When Taylor’s in some massive
form of danger, she feels it as if it’s happening to her too!”  He sat quietly and then chuckled softly.  “He’s gonna be a real
corker of a man!”

“What, has he given you the winning lottery tickets or told you where there’s a habitable planet?”  Tony laughed softly.

“Nah. It’s not like that.  I just get feelings……curiosity, happiness, excitement, pure joy……one time I almost thought I heard
him giggling!  It’s still a bit weird for me too, you know!”

“I can imagine.”

“So, when are you and Maya gonna start something?”  Alan tried to punch Tony in the arm.

The other man shied away, chuckling.  “I didn’t know there was a time limit involved!”

Both men laughed and joked before they drifted into talking about women in general.

Tirzah had been asleep for over an hour when Tony’s comlock began to beep.  He snatched it up quickly before it disturbed
the young woman and removed himself to the other side of the apartment.  “Verdeschi.”

“Tony, I’m outside.  Is it alright to come in?”  Maya’s voice floated softly across the room.

Alan jumped up and opened the door for her.  “Come on in.”

They all moved into the living area and Alan took a chair so that his friends could have the sofa.  “Can I get you something
to drink?”

“No, thank you.”  Maya smiled and waived him off.

“Helena kept you for quite some time.”  Tony observed the chronometer on the compost.

“Not really.  I wasn’t in Medical too long, and then I went down to the kitchens to talk to Emma Reichart.”

“Who?”  Both men asked, simultaneously.

“Emma Reichart.  She’s a chef in the kitchens……”

Tony chuckled.  “Oh, is that who I should complain to?”

The others sat silently and Maya shook her head at him before turning back to Alan.  “I went to talk to her because she’s

“She’s what?”  Tony interrupted her again.

“Telepathic.”  She glanced at him quickly.  “I had some very specific questions to ask and I needed to go to someone who
might know the answers.”

“How long’s she been telepathic?”  Tony sat up a bit straighter with curiosity.

Maya responded to what seemed to her a silly question.  “Her whole life, as far as she knows.  She doesn’t like others to
know, but she gave me permission to share it with the two of you.”  She specifically stared at Tony as she continued.  “And I
gave her my word that it would stay in this room.  She’s had trouble most of her life because of it, and she doesn’t want the
information spread all over this base.”

“Then how do you know about her?”  Tony was feeling very left out of this small part of Maya’s life.

Maya smiled at her husband.  “Tony.  I’m a Psychon with the ability to metamorph.  That means, I sort of come with my own
built in radar when it comes to any psychic vibes given off around me.  The first time I met her, she accidently reached out
to my mind, my inner defenses went up to trigger an intrusion, and after her shift we had a very long talk.”

Maya watched the men closely.  “She’s a very shy woman, whom I’ve been teaching to block out unwanted thoughts from
others.  She’s a bit frightened that I wanted to tell the two of you, but she relented when I explained what was going on with

“What does she have to do with Tirzah?”  Alan finally joined the conversation.

Maya turned and leaned toward her friend.  “She explained what happens when she receives thoughts from others…what it
‘sounds’ like or ‘feels’ like when she’s receiving the information.”

Alan glanced at Tirzah’s sleeping form and nearly whispered his question.  “What’s it like?”

Maya smiled and straightened her skirt out of habit.  “Well…it actually depends on the person or the situation.  She can
occasionally “hear” other’s thoughts when they’re close enough or that person’s giving off a loud thought.”

“A loud thought?  What’s that supposed to mean?”  Tony chimed in.

“It’s a thought that’s repressed from being spoken.  Think of a time that you’ve seen someone doing something silly, but you
don’t want to criticize them in front of everyone else….but you’re thinking about it, right at the front of your mind!”  She
poked Tony’s forehead lightly.  “She just has to be in the room to hear that type of thought.  You might as well shout it out
loud as far as she’s concerned!”  Tony made a strange face, so Maya continued quickly.  “That’s what I’ve been helping her
with.  I’ve been teaching her how to block those out, so that she can’t hear them.”

“Is it working?”  Tony asked timidly, so as not to offend her.

“She seems to think so.  She’s not under as much stress anymore!”  Maya smiled and turned to Alan again.  “But
sometimes she gets feelings from people, or even pictures when she touches them.  It depends on how that person thinks
their thoughts.”

Alan nodded but kept his eyes on the floor.  “So, which one is Tirzah?”

“It’s not quite like that.”  A voice spoke from behind.

Everyone jumped and turned to face Tirzah.  She had silently sat up on the end of the bed and had been listening to the
entire conversation without being noticed.

Maya moved to the woman’s side quickly.  “I’m sorry, dearest.  Did we wake you?”

“I woke up when Tony’s comlock went off.”  Tirzah innocently scanned all of their faces.  “It’s not really like that, for me.”

Alan moved and knelt at his wife’s feet as he took her hands.  “What is it like for you?”

“It’s everything.”  She paused and watched Tony intently.  “The moment that I look into someone’s eyes, even for the
briefest of moments….”

He hadn’t realized that he’d locked eyes with the young woman, but Tony suddenly took a deep breath and smiled.  “If I didn’
t know better, I’d say that someone’s cooking close by.”  He mumbled.

Tirzah giggled and looked back at Alan and Maya, who were staring at Tony.  “No, but I’m guessing it smells like your
Mother’s cooking.”

“I was remembering….”  Tony stammered and took a step back.  “How would you know….”

Alan suppressed a laugh, when he realized what had just happened.

Tirzah suddenly became serious.  “And no, no one’s going to try to take over the Moonbase.”

“I never….”

“It’s in your eyes all the time.  It’s your job.”  Tirzah spoke sympathetically, then looked back and forth from Maya to Alan.  
“Are you frightened of us……Taylor and I?”

“No!”  They answered simultaneously.

Alan drew her attention.  “I’m……we’re just curious what it’s like for you and what we can expect from Taylor.  We just want
to understand.”

Tirzah smiled again and swept Alan’s bangs higher on his head.  “It’s how I knew to trust you all before I was able to talk to

Alan laughed out loud.  “I wouldn’t call hitting me with sticks and punching and kicking me, trusting me!”

Tirzah hugged him tightly and they laughed for a moment before Maya pulled her attention back.  “We really just want to
understand some aspects of what you and Alan and Taylor have together, so that we can help you all if you should ever
need it.”

The young Psychon looked at each of their loving and concerned faces before settling on Maya’s.  “This isn’t normal, is
it……even for Psychons?”

“No……it isn’t.”  Maya spoke hesitantly.

Tirzah sat up straight and stared across the room for a moment.  “I’m really hungry!”  She suddenly mumbled.

Three confused faces stared back at her when she looked around again.  “Oh!”  Tirzah giggled.  “Sorry.”  She took Maya’s
hands.  “I know that you all worry about us and I……we appreciate everything, but it’ll be fine!”

“Will Taylor have the ability to do the things that you do?”  Alan rose and sat next to her on the bed.

Tirzah’s face clouded with sadness.  “I’m afraid not.”  She looked over at Maya.  “He will only be able to do what the chef in
the kitchen can do.  He probably won’t even be able to morph.”  She smiled sadly.
 “He’s half Earthling, so he will only have
half of our abilities.”

Maya grabbed the younger woman and hugged her tightly to her chest.  “But he has an exceptional mother and a smart
and loving father, so who knows what he’ll be able to accomplish!  All the world waits on a child to grow, in order to see how
they will change that world!  And without ever realizing it, that same world opens up it’s arms and changes and grows for
that child’s needs as the child embraces all that the world has to offer!  What ever he becomes will be exceptional and

“Hey, remember us?”  Tony said laughingly as he touched Maya’s shoulder.

The women laughed at the realization that the men had just been completely left out of the conversation and the two
couples fell into an open group hug.

“You wanted to see me?”  John Koenig stuck his head inside the Doctor’s office.  He walked in and was about to sit, when
Helena shut the door with her comlock and fell into his arms.  Slightly startled, he held her tightly for a moment before he
spoke again.  “Are you alright?”

“Yes.”  The normally composed woman breathed into his chest.  She looked up at him without actually leaving his arms.  “I
just needed this.”

John chuckled and held her a bit tighter.  “Hard day, dear?”

She let go then and moved slowly back to her desk; letting out a heavy sigh.  “I know that I’m probably overreacting…”  She

“But…”  Koenig finally sat down.

Helena turned to face him with a tight lipped smile.  “…but…something happened today that was a bit like a slap from the
past.”  She moved around the desk to sit on the edge facing the Commander.  “Taylor had another incident today.”

“He looked fine to me as I walked in.”

“Oh, he is now.”  Helena reassured him.  “He stopped breathing for a bit, but we got him on oxygen and corrected the
problem.  The strange thing is that Tirzah came in right at the end…when we’d gotten him stable and everything was under

“Coincidence?”  John inquired, sitting forward slightly.

“I had always thought that it was, but apparently not.  According to Maya, Tirzah and Taylor can communicate with one

“In what way?”

Helena took a deep breath and raised her eyebrows.  “In every way!  According to Maya, they can actually talk to each
other!  I know that she talks to him, but Maya says that Taylor actually speaks with Tirzah.”

John sat back in the chair again.  “Isn’t a baby that age unable to have that sort of thought process?”

“As far as we know, yes.”  She clasped her hands together and sat forward.  “The thing that worries me is that apparently
she can feel whatever the baby feels as well.  Maya says it’s almost like he’s broadcasting it to his mother.”


Helena shook her head.  “I don’t really understand it, but Maya said that at the moment that Taylor stopped breathing, they
were having dinner and it was as if Tirzah was suddenly drowning.  She says that this is normal for Tirzah, but John, she
was as white as a sheet and Alan was holding her up because she was so weak.”

“Do you think he’s hurting her in some way?”

“I don’t know.”  The Doctor sat back and pushed her bangs out of her eyes.  “But the one thing that startled me the most,
was when Tirzah was talking to the baby and……it was as if he was speaking thru her for just a moment.  Her voice became
hollow and she asked me if this would stop him from being able to come home soon.”

“Perhaps she was just lost in thought, so her voice sounded odd.”  Koenig speculated.

Helena shook her head slightly as she remembered.  “It was the way the question was phrased as well as her voice……’will
this set me back from being able to go home, Doctor?’  It was eerie, John.”

“I’m sure it was just odd sounding after all of the excitement.”  He reassured her as he stood and pulled her back into his

She accepted the warmth gladly and shuttered slightly as she mumbled.  “It was like something out of Children of the
Damned and all I could think of was…”  She looked up at him sharply.  “John, you don’t think that he could hurt Tirzah, do

Koenig sighed.  “I doubt it.  She seems alright otherwise and the baby’s never done anything abnormal, so I’m sure it’ll be

Helena nodded and they stayed in each other’s embrace a moment longer.

It had taken a few weeks longer than Dr. Russell had predicted for Taylor to gain the weight necessary to safely go home
and for the first time since his birth, the Carter’s held their son in their arms.

Tirzah wept openly as she sat holding her son for the first time, speaking to him in Psychon.  Alan touched his fingers, toes
and tiny blond locks as he whispered to him excitedly.  The happiness on the couple’s faces could’ve outshined any sun
that Moonbase Alpha may have passed.

Helena had been watching them from across the room and as she approached, she noticed the child seemed to be trying to
look at both parents at once.  She smiled down at them.  “He’ll need to be on a very special diet.”  She handed Alan a
computer disk.  “I’ve written it all on there for you.  Times and quantities are to be strictly followed!”

Alan nodded and took it from the doctor.  “No worries, Doc!  We’ll do everything you say!”

Helena took a tentative stepped forward and addressed Tirzah specifically.  “And if anything……anything at all, should
happen to him…or you…even the most minor incident……I want him right back in here.  Do you understand, Tirzah?  Don’t
wait and don’t be afraid to come to us!  Alright?”

Tirzah smiled up at her with a tear stained face.  “I understand.  I promise that I won’t wait……not even for the most small

“Good.”  Helena took another step closer.  “Do you think that you can stand now?”

Tirzah had been so overcome with joy when they had first handed her the baby that she’d had to sit down in a chair, for fear
of falling.  “Yes, I’m alright now.  Thank you.”  She was reluctant to give up the baby, even to his father, as she stood, but
no one wanted to risk her falling or dropping him.

When he handed the child back to it’s mother, Tirzah began to giggle.  She looked up at her husband as she spoke.  
“Taylor thinks your arms are much more strong and stable!  He likes that!”

“Well, that’s good to know!”  Alan chuckled but noticed that Helena took a couple of steps back and smiled nervously at
them.  He smiled back at her and wrapped an arm around his wife’s waist.  “Thanks, Doc.  We’ll be back in a few days for
his check up.”

Alan glanced back at Helena as he led his family out of the Medical Center.

“You can not be serious!”  Tony Verdeschi stood with his knuckles on the edge of Commander Koenig’s desk.  “He’s a
baby, John!  A baby!”

“And he could be a threat!”  Koenig spoke forcefully.  “It is your job to keep this base, and everyone on it, safe and secure
from threat whether it’s from out there…”  He stood, pointed to a nearby wall and his voice dropped slightly.  “…or in here.  
The only ones who are to know about this are the security personnel involved.”

“John, this is crazy!  That baby’s no more a threat to this base than you or I!”  Tony paced the small office.  He stopped
suddenly and turned slowly to face the Commander.  “This is about Jackie Crawford, isn’t it?”

John looked up sharply at his Security Chief.

“Maya told me how Helena had reacted to the news that Tirzah and Taylor could communicate with one another.  I thought
that Maya had straightened her out about all of that.”  Tony strode to the desk once more.  “That’s what you’ve been doing
in Medical so often.  Helena thinks this is all going to turn out like Jackie Crawford!  And you’ve bought into her paranoia!”

“You’re out of line, Mr. Verdeschi!”  Koenig yelled.

“Am I?”  He searched his friend’s angry face.  “I don’t think so.  I think I’ve got it in one.”  He nodded absently as he moved
around the room again.  After a moment, he stopped and turned to face the Commander.  “John, I’ve been around that girl
and that little baby long enough to know that they couldn’t be any more of a threat than they were before the child was

Koenig sighed heavily.  “Please, Tony.  Just keep an eye on him.”  Koenig gestured toward his friend’s skeptical face.  
“Prove me wrong!”

Tony poked the air.  “That’s exactly what I plan on doing!”  He nearly stormed from the Commander’s office and headed for
the nearest lift.

Annette Frazer, Connie Schular and Shannen Murray sat side by side on the sofa admiring the newest addition to the small
community.  They each cooed over his hair or size or even his Psychon features.  It was Annette who was the first one to
ask if she could hold the baby.

Tirzah’s smile faded slightly and she looked down at the child in her arms.  She had barley put him down herself in the four
days that he’d been home.  She looked back up at Annette with motherly concern.  “Have you held a baby before?”

Annette smiled her understanding.  “Oh, yes!  I used to babysit Jackie Crawford!”

Tirzah bit her bottom lip and glanced down at her son before smiling and standing to place him in her friend’s arms.  As
soon as Taylor was safely in her arms, Annette began to rock him slowly.  “Oh, he’s so tiny!”  Her voice was just barely more
than a whisper.  “He’s magnificent!”

The other two women on the sofa immediately shifted so that they had a better view of the child, now much closer to them.  
“He is a bonnie lad, Tirzah.”  Connie gushed.

“Who’s he named af’er again?”  Shannen almost leaned across Connie for a closer look.

“Well, Taylor’s for himself.”  Tirzah began.  “It’s the name that Alan and I had settled on, almost as soon as we found out
that I was with child.  Frelec is for my father and Ian is for Alan’s father.”  As if on cue, Taylor hiccupped.

They all giggled and fawned over him a moment more before Tirzah took him back from Annette.  “Any time that you want
me to sit with him, so that you and Alan can be alone together, just let me know.”

“Thank you.”  Tirzah hesitated a moment.  “That’s very kind…but not right away.”

“Of course not!”  Annette reassured her.  “After he’s settled in and has had a chance to get used to his surroundings!”

Tirzah genuinely smiled at her friends.  So much warmth and caring came from their eyes that she was nearly overcome
with joy.  “You are all such good friends!”

Shannen was the first to rise and give Tirzah a hug, and the other two followed suit, chuckling but careful not to disturb the

Alan Carter walked into this scene just as the group hug had started.  “Can anyone get in on this?”  He jested.

They all giggled and a couple of the women wiped a tear away.  Annette crossed to meet him and hugged him warmly.  
“Congratulations, Alan, he’s beautiful.”  She let go of him and bade them all goodbye.

The other two ladies kissed Tirzah and also gave their farewells before following Annette out.

“Well, I certainly know how to clear a room!”  Alan chuckled.  Seeing that Taylor was awake, he gently scooped the child out
of his mother’s arms and sat with him on the sofa.  “Hey, little cobber, remember your ol’ dad?  What have you been up to
today…besides charming the ladies?”

Tirzah smiled at them as she moved to the tiny dinette area of their quarters.  “How was everything today?”  She soon
brought back a cup of coffee to her husband and set it on the table next to him.

“Fine.”  He replied and then repeated it in baby talk.  “We tested that new engine that Pete’s been working on in the remote
Eagle.  It’ll have a few more runs before we do the manned stress test.”

Tirzah looked up at Alan sharply.  “You won’t be the pilot will you?”  She shook her head with the hope of a negative answer.

“No worries.  John won’t allow me anywhere near an Eagle right now unless the base were falling apart.”  His eyes were a bit
sad, but he smiled up at her.

Tirzah’s grin went from ear to ear as she practically threw herself onto the sofa and cuddled up to Alan’s side.  “Thank
you.”  She breathed into his shoulder.

“Yeah, no worries.”  He rocked the baby gently and put an arm around Tirzah.  “I’m a nine to fiver now that this little bugger
needs me!”

Tirzah closed her eyes and listened to Alan hum a soft tune as she drifted slowly to sleep.

Taylor was still wide awake but, when Alan realized that his wife was sleeping, he shifted the baby and used his free hand to
ease Tirzah’s head down to the sofa.  Carter bounced lightly and spoke softly as he made his way to the bassinet.  “Now, if
you can just lie here quietly and watch your mobile for a minute while I get some dinner started, then your mum can get a
nap in!  Is it a deal, cobber?”  He lay the baby down and looked into the child’s face.  Taylor gave him a quick smile and
quickly stared at the mobile as Alan started it up.  

The devise made no sound because no one on the base had anything like a tiny music box, but they had fitted it with a tiny
motor to make it spin.  The child smiled up at it and gurgled as a tiny eagle flew past.  “One day I’ll take you for a ride,
Taylor and you can see all of this for real!”  Alan whispered as he rubbed the baby’s stomach.

Knowing that the child was quiet and content, Alan moved into the dinette area and started to get things together for
dinner.  They had a small refrigerator and they were allotted some fresh foods so that they didn’t always have to go and eat
in the cafeteria.  Because of the baby being home, they’d been given extra on the assumption that the new parents wouldn’t
want to be going out right away.

By the time that Tirzah woke from her nap, Alan had nearly finished a lovely stir-fry dinner.  She sat up slowly, rubbing her
eyes and sniffing deeply.  “That smells good!”

Alan turned and smiled.  “I do my best!  How was your nap?”

Tirzah stretched and made her way to the bassinette.  “Well.  It was a good sleep.”  Seeing that the baby was asleep, she
turned off the mobile.  “How long’s Taylor been sleeping?”

“Is he asleep?”  Alan glanced over at him as Tirzah approached.  “He never made a sound, good lad!  I asked him to let you
sleep and I turned on his mobile……and off he went, I guess!”  He pulled Tirzah into his side as he continued to stir.

“He’s such a good boy.”  Tirzah lay her head on his shoulder.

“He is.  You did a good job.”  Alan turned and took her in both arms, kissing her slowly and lovingly.

Tirzah pulled back first and smiled up him.  “Your food is going to burn.”

Alan jumped, grabbing the spatula and stirring as he pulled the pan off the burner.

Tirzah giggled at him as she moved to set the small table.  Just as she finished, the light near the door and one in the dining
area began to blink slowly.  “Now who could that be?”

Alan placed the pan on the warmer and went to answer the door.  He had a couple of guys from the electrical team rig up a
temporary unit to the door buzzer, so that when anyone used it, lights flashed instead of sound.  This way, if the baby were
sleeping, the harsh noise wouldn’t disturb him.  The same type of devise was built into the compost for them and would only
be overridden in the event of emergencies.

Alan opened the door to Maya’s and Tony’s smiling faces and immediately put a finger to his lips.  “The baby’s sleeping.”  
He said softly.

The couple whispered their understanding and quietly entered the quarters when Alan stepped back.

Tirzah moved forward quickly and hugged first Maya, then Tony.  “What brings you here?”

“We came for a visit and to see how you’re doing.” Maya explained as the younger woman took her arm and led her to the
sofa.  “Oh, but we’re disturbing your dinner!”  She exclaimed when she saw the table set.

“Nonsense!  Have you eaten?”  Alan began to rummage in the cabinets and fridge to add things.  Tirzah moved quickly to
clear the coffee table and she and Maya transferred the food and dishes.

“As a matter of fact, we haven’t.”  Tony called softly as he moved toward the bassinette.  “Why do you think we came here

“Tony.”  Maya chided.  “He’s kidding.  I’ll grab the glasses.”

Tony stared down at the child, his brow knit slowly as thoughts of his conversation with the Commander crept into the front
of his mind.

Alan raised his voice just enough to be heard across the room.  “Is there a problem, mate?”

“No.”  Tony snapped back to the others.  “No, I was just thinking…… wondering what it was like to be a father.”  He shifted
suspicion away from his real thoughts without thinking.

“Really?”  It was Maya’s incredulous voice that brought him back to his normal demeanor.

“Yeah……really.”  He said hesitantly.  Tony wasn’t sure where this was about to lead, but he let it play out to make sure no
suspicion was cast on him.  “I think about it too, sometimes.”  He moved away from the child and sat down on the sofa next
to Maya.

“Well, the next time you’re thinking about it, perhaps you’d like to share your thoughts with me!”  Maya teased.

“Yeah, I’ll be sure to do that!”  Tony chuckled.

“You should do it soon!”  Tirzah gushed.  “Then the children would grow up together and play together!”  

Maya placed a hand on her nieces’ arm.  “Remember, the fact that you had a baby is a small miracle here.  It’s only
because the pregnancy suppression drugs didn’t work that you got pregnant in the first place."

Tirzah looked over at Tony and became serious.  “But, you’re both getting older and Tony won’t be able to have children

Alan had to bite his lips so as not to laugh at her innocent and concerned face and forthright words.  “So, what do you say,
mate?  Taylor will only be a year older if you start now!”  He snorted slightly, fighting to suppress the laughter.

For once, Tony didn’t mind the laughter at his expense, but his voice was indignant.  “I won’t be able to have children?  I’ll
let you know right now, that Verdeschi men have sired children right into their late 70’s!  My mother and father had my baby
sister when he was 62!  And his brother had their last child when he was 71!  Now, who’s too old?”

Maya shushed him when his voice started to rise.  “I’m sure that your family has a good sturdy gene pool.  Tirzah only
meant that Psychon woman can go well into their 60’s before losing the ability to produce children.  I’ve explained to Tirzah,
that’s well past an Earth woman’s normal time.”

“Ah!”  Tony calmed down and turned back to his meal before stating proudly.  “Just so that you know, I’m ready as soon as
Maya is!”

“Good on ya, mate.”  Alan raised his glass to salute his friend and then took a drink.

After a moment or two of silence, Tirzah looked around the group.  “Does that mean that you’ll be with child soon, Maya?”

Everyone else broke into laughter and Maya shook her head negatively.  “No, dear……not soon.”

Several weeks went by, and Taylor grew stronger and stronger by the day.  Tirzah returned to work, part time, and several
of the women regularly volunteered to sit with the baby, including Sue Crawford.

The Carters and the Verdeschi’s had agreed that it would be best not to mention Tirzah and Taylor’s special bond.  Tirzah
had only needed a tiny bit of convincing, but agreed that it should be considered a private thing with just the immediate

Tirzah sat back on her feet and wiped her arm across her forehead as she looked around the Bio-Sphere and smiled.  She
felt like the most contented person on the entire base.  Some of her co-workers walked by and they greeted each other.  
Tirzah loved this time of day.  Most of Alpha was either still sleeping, eating or on duty, so the Botanists had nearly the
entire sphere to themselves.

“It only lacks bird song to make it perfect.”  A female voice from behind startled the young Psychon.

Tirzah turned to see Sandra Benes standing behind her.  “Hello, Saun.  That would be lovely.”  She smiled up at the
woman.  “I do miss that.”

“Every now and then, for very special occasions, like weddings, we have a disk of nature sounds.  We used to play it all the
time in here, but after awhile we found that it got repetitive and it actually started to bother people.”  Sandra sat down a little
ways from the work that Tirzah was doing.  “What are you working on today?”

Tirzah smiled broadly. “I’m replanting this bush!  I’m told that it will be oranges!  Connie says that there will be fresh oranges
on 3 of the other bushes by Chris-s-mas!  I miss oranges.  Do you like them?”

“I do but…”  Saun smiled and looked around the sphere as a couple of botanists walked by and greeted them.  When she
looked back at Tirzah, the young woman was doubled over in obvious pain.  “Tirzah, are you alright?  Can I help you?”

Tirzah gripped at her waist and struggled to stand.  “I have to…”  She gasped out.

Saun was on her feet and helping Tirzah to stand up.  “We need to get you to Medical.”  She pulled the younger woman
toward the door but as they made their way out of the Bio-sphere, Tirzah pulled out of her arms and gripped the walls as
she made her way to the travel tube.  “What are you doing?”  Saun tried to pull her back.  “You have to get to Medical.  It’s
this way.”

Another wave of pain gripped at her and she dropped to her knees, quietly crying out.  “No, I have to……I have to go home.”

“Home?!”  Sandra was beside herself and she looked around for help.  “Tirzah, please…let me help you to the Medical

The door to the tube finally opened and John and Tony exited as Tirzah struggled to her feet.  The men moved to her side
and both took an arm to help the young woman to her feet.  “Where are you hurt?”  Tony wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Taylor.”  She whispered and looked up desperately at Tony.

He glanced at the Commander before turning to the Communications Officer.  “We’ve got her Saun.  Thanks for being here
for her.”  He leaned in close to the young woman and whispered.  “Where is he?  Who’s looking after Taylor?”  Tony and
John pulled her into the tube and sat down beside her.
“Annette has him today.”  Tirzah leaned forward.  “Sick.  I feel sick.”

The two men glanced at each other for a moment as the tube sped along.  It eventually slowed and stopped, and the men
each took a side of the young woman and helped propel her down the hall toward the lift.  Once on the right level, the trio
moved as quickly as Tirzah was able, toward the Frazer’s quarters.

Tony hit the door buzzer before snatching up his comlock and almost yelling into it.  “Computer, this is Security Officer
Verdeschi, priority one override on William and Annette Fraser’s quarters!”

The door opened to an empty room, so Tony left Tirzah just inside the doorway with John as he searched the washroom.  
“No one’s here.  Can you see where he is?”  Tirzah doubled over in pain again.  “Tirzah, can you see Taylor?”

She attempted to stand up straight as she shook her head negatively.  “White walls.  Flashing lights.  I feel sick.”

“Yeah, I know.”  Tony said quietly as he looked around the room for some clue.  He suddenly turned around quickly,
snapping his fingers, and stepped up to Tirzah’s free side.  “They’re moving!”  He pulled her back out into the hallway.

The two men practically dragged Tirzah down the hall toward the nearest Medical Center.

They were only moments behind Annette so that, when they arrived, Dr. Ed Spencer was only just taking some preliminary
readings of the screaming baby on the examination table.

Koenig stopped at the door, but Tony pulled Tirzah to the examination table where the child lay.  Without thinking or caring,
Tirzah lay a hand on the top of his head and nearly choked when she tried to speak.  “In my belly……fire……sick……in my

Everyone in the room, except Tony, looked at the woman with shock.  Tony looked up at Doctor Spencer, who had taken
half a step back, and felt the need to translate.  “He’s got something in his stomach……something that’s making him sick.”

“He just started coughing and then he acted as if he might throw up, but nothing came out.”  Annette’s eyes never left the
Psychon’s faces.

Mother and child, each bathed in sweat and in such obvious pain, cried out together as another spasm overtook them.  No
one was quite sure how Tirzah remained on her feet.  “Small……shinny……”  She lurched a bit, causing Tony to reach out
as if to catch her, but she stayed on her feet.  “…swallow……hurts in my belly.”

As if being awoke from a dream, Ed suddenly stepped forward, grabbed the baby, turning him on his belly, and gently stuck
his fingers down the child’s throat.  The induced vomiting of the child caused the mother to reel backward into Tony’s arms
and if he hadn’t been ready for it, they both would’ve ended up on the floor.

Commander Koenig pulled a chair around for Tony to put Tirzah into.  He gently touched the young woman’s shoulder to
get her attention.  “Are you alright, Tirzah?”

She looked up quickly into his face before nodding and turning her attention back to Taylor.  “Yes, Commander, we’re
alright now.”

One of the nurses quickly cleaned up the small mess and deposited a foreign object into a nearby Petri dish.  Dr. Spencer
put Taylor into a waiting hospital crib and as he wheeled it back toward Tirzah, he grabbed the dish to show to the others.

“I’m going to guess that this is not on Dr. Russell’s dietary list.”  Ed joked over the cries of the baby.

Annette gasped and then looked back at Tirzah.  “I’m so sorry!  I had no idea that would come loose, or that he could
swallow that!”

Tirzah quieted the child as she glanced at the yellow object in the dish, perplexed.  “What is it?”

Annette was nearly in tears.  “It’s a tie ribbon.  I placed a pillow, that my mother gave me, next to the baby to make sure he
didn’t fall off the bed during his nap.  He seems to like the colors so I’ve used it to help him sleep.  The ribbon’s reinforced
with metal wires.  I’m so sorry Tirzah, I had no idea he could swallow that.”

Tirzah glanced up at the other woman and nodded.  “Don’t be sorry.  It was accidental; a mistake.  We understand.”  She
smiled down at the baby as he turned his head to face his mother.  “I’m sorry I broke the pretty.”  The hollow sound of her
voice as she spoke the last sentence caused everyone in the room to freeze.

After a moment, Annette took a step back and then another one toward the door as she spoke.  “Oh, that’s alright.”  She
said nervously as she glanced at the men as if they might try and stop her.  “These things happen.  You seem to be all set
now.  I’ll just go and see you later.”  Without running, Annette moved quickly out the Medical Center door.

Tony looked over nervously at Koenig, who never took his eyes off of the mother or the child, before he spoke.  “Dr.
Spencer, would you and your staff give us a moment?”

“Certainly, Commander.”  Ed almost whispered his response as he turned and ushered his nurse out, closing the door
behind them.

“Now John…”

“Tirzah.”  John Koenig moved around and knelt down in front of the woman as soon as the doors closed.  “Are you sure that
you’re alright?”  He said, softly.

Tirzah looked up into his clear blue eyes and was almost frightened by the authority and sense of protectiveness that she
saw there.  She nodded meekly.

“I want you to tell me what happened.”

She sat back from him and looked up at Tony quickly for support but saw only resignation on his face.  Nervously, she
turned back to the Commander.  “It’s hard to explain.”

“Try, Tirzah.”  Koenig put his hand on hers.

She kept her focus on the baby or her lap to avoid eye contact.  “Taylor and I have a different kind of bond than most
Psychon mothers have with their children.”  She shifted nervously in the chair.  “We……I can hear what he’s thinking and
feel what he’s feeling.  Maya says it’s a type of broadcast that only we can hear.”

“We?  Maya can hear it too?”  John looked up sharply at Tony, but the Security Officer shook his head.

“No!  Just me and Taylor!”  She looked back and forth between the two men, frightened that she may be implicating Maya.  
“And sometimes Alan.”  Tirzah added, hurriedly.

Tony shut his eyes tight and turned his head away quickly in exasperation and disappointment.

“Alan?”  Koenig pounced on her comment.  “How can Alan hear it?”

Realizing she’d said too much, Tirzah closed her eyes and took a deep breath, pushing herself into the back of the chair.  
“Alan can only hear it when I take him inside.  We’ve only ever done it twice because it’s exhausting on all of us.”  Tirzah
opened her eyes but never looked the Commander in the eye.  “We can’t harm anyone or make anyone do things that they
don’t want to, or anything else that Tony’s been worried about.”  

Tony and John looked at each other and Tony shook his head to ensure the Commander that he hadn’t said anything to
the woman.

Taylor began to fuss and Tirzah put a hand on his stomach and rubbed gently.  “No.  I’m fine.”  She whispered soothingly
and shook her head.

“Is he talking to you now, Tirzah?”  John twisted himself to try and make her look at him.

She looked up at Tony pleadingly and was about to answer when the outer door to The Center flew open and Alan Carter
ran in.  He scooped Tirzah out of the chair and held her tightly as he caressed the top of his son’s head.  “I just heard what
happened.  Are you alright?  Saun said that you were so sick you couldn’t walk.”

Tirzah held onto him just as tightly, feeling rescued.  “We’re fine.  Taylor swallowed a pillow string and we were sick for a bit,
but Dr. Spencer got it out.”

“Thank God!”  He let go of Tirzah for just a moment so that he could bend down and kiss the top of the baby’s head.  
“Thank God!”  He stood up and again wrapped his wife in his arms, kissing her head.

After a moment, Alan looked around the room and, as curiosity set in, he looked at the other two men.  “Where is Dr.

John had stood up when Alan arrived and he now moved the chair back out of the way.  “We asked him to leave us alone,
once the baby was alright, so that I could talk to Tirzah.”

“Talk to Tirzah about what?”  Alan moved his wife so that she was tucked tightly into his side.

“About what happened today…and how it happens.”  Koenig crossed his arms.  “About what it is, exactly, that Tirzah and
Taylor can do.”

Carter looked at the Commander in disbelief.  “What they can do?  John you make it sound like their conspiring against
us.”  He chuckled slightly, but when no one laughed with him, Alan stiffened and realization grew slowly inside of him.  “Hang
on a minute!  Since when do we go around like we’re on some sort of witch hunt because a mother and child have a close

“Since Jackie Crawford grew to the age of 5 in a matter of minutes.”  Koenig stated flatly.

“What?”  Carter’s confusion grew and he was becoming defensive.

“Since Tirzah is rushing to the Medical Center whenever Taylor has any form of distress……and for the first time, today, I
saw the effect that he has on his mother whenever he’s ill!”

“Or happy…or hungry…or scared, or…or anything else!”  Alan yelled as he let go of Tirzah.

Tony watched anxiously as he noticed Alan gently steer Tirzah behind himself with his elbow.  The other men’s voices were
getting louder and he also noticed Taylor’s fussiness was becoming more agitated so he took a step closer in hopes to
defuse any potential outbursts.  “It’s just between the two of them, John.”  He addressed the Commander.

“For how long?  A year?  Two?”  Koenig pointed at the child.  “How do we know that he won’t be able to influence others
when he gets older?”

Alan forced himself not to lash out physically over this accusation.  “Come on, Commander!  You can’t really think that
Taylor’s gonna grow up and manipulate people’s minds?  This is crazy!”

“Is it?!”

Tirzah snatched the baby out of the crib and moved back behind Alan for protection.  She’d never seen so much anxiety
and anger come from the Commander’s eyes before.

Tony stepped up almost between the other two men.  “Look, right now, we know that it’s only something that is between
mother and child…so until we have further proof, we just treat them like any other citizens of this base.”  He looked over at
Alan and Tirzah.  “Even Maya has admitted that this is more than most Psychon mothers have with their children.”  He then
addressed Koenig.  “But like I’ve said before, I’ve spent quite a bit of time around the baby, and I haven’t ever seen any
evidence that he’s a threat to Alpha.”

Koenig and Carter stared at each other for another moment before the Commander turned away and spoke calmly.  “Take
your family home, Carter.”  He sighed heavily.  “We can talk about this another time…when everyone’s feeling better.”

Alan nodded and took Tirzah’s shoulders to steer her to the door.  As they were about to cross the threshold, she looked
up at her husband and her voice floated back to where Tony stood.  “Why was Commander so angry?”

Carter glanced back at the other two men.  “I’ll explain it after Taylor’s home and settled.”

News of what had happened in the Bio-Sphere and in the Medical Center swept the base like wild fire.  Some were curious
and asked difficult, multiple questions, while others shied away from fear and misunderstanding.  To Tirzah’s great sorrow,
Annette Fraser fell into the latter.

She had tried to talk to her friend, but Tirzah only encountered anxiety and suspicion in Annette’s eyes.  Maya offered to
take the child when she could to allow Tirzah to go to work and Connie, who was one of the curious, had altered the young
woman’s schedule to this sudden change.

“I do appreciate this, Connie.”  Tirzah handed the schedule pad back to her superior.

“Don’t worry yerself, child!  I’m happy to do it!  Besides, this’ll give you more time to be with that sweet laddie of
yours……and with Alan!”  The two women giggled.

Tirzah hugged Connie warmly and waved goodbye as she headed out the door of the office.

Connie smiled and waved back.  “Poor child.”  She whispered, wistfully.

“Who’s a poor chil’?”  A voice from her side, startled Connie Schular.

“Oh!”  Connie exclaimed.  “Shannen, you scared me outta me wits, girl!”  She headed back inside her office with the other
woman following her.

“So, who’s a poor chil’?”  Shannen asked again.

“Oh, it’s Tirzah.  I feel bad for her that she’s had such a rough go of things.”  Connie shook her head and spent a moment
organizing her desk.  “Some people are goin’ out of their way to avoid her and the baby, just cause he’s got the gift.  Afraid
of him, they say!”  She made a disgusted face and waived her hand at the other woman.  “Narrow-mindedness!  That’s what
it ‘tis!  Just silly narrow-mindedness!”

Shannen simply nodded thoughtfully and said goodbye before leaving the office.

Not long after the incident in the Medical Center, Alan and Tirzah were summoned to Commander Koenig’s office for a
meeting.  Doctor Russell and Tony and Maya Verdeschi had also been asked to attend.  Susan Crawford had heard about
the meeting and offered to take care of the baby for them.

The others were already there when Alan and Tirzah arrived and she hesitated slightly at the door when she saw Tony and
the Doctor also in the room.  Maya moved to sit near where Tony stood while Alan pulled Tirzah along to the two empty
chairs in front of the desk and held her hand as they sat down to wait.

John Koenig took a deep breath before he began.  “Let me just start with an apology to both of you.”  He gestured toward
the Carters.  “I was upset and, I will admit, a bit unnerved by what I had experienced and learned the other day.  However, I
also feel that we should get all of this out on the table so that there are no more misunderstandings.”  Everyone nodded,
except Tirzah.  “I’ve asked Helena, Maya and Tony to sit in with us, so that all of the Senior Staff is on board.”

John shifted slightly and looked at Tirzah, who kept her focus on the floor.  “Tirzah, I’d like to go all the way back to the first
time that you knew you had a special connection with Taylor.  What exactly happened that day?”

Tirzah glanced up for only a moment before she spoke.  “I woke up and realized that I was no longer with child, but I was
afraid and didn’t know where the baby was.”  Her voice was timid and soft.  “Alan told me that he was well and his name was
Taylor……I don’t know if he said anything else, but I remember suddenly seeing wires and glass and tubes…and then I was

Helena inhaled sharply.  “That soon?  That was only hours after he was born!”  She looked back at John with concern and
he held up his hand slightly to her.  Maya reached out and placed a hand on her friend’s back for reassurance.

“That’s when you and Taylor began speaking, Tirzah?”  He leaned forward slightly, trying to make eye contact.

“Not exactly…”  The young woman hesitated.  She looked up at Alan for support and he smiled lovingly and squeezed her
hand as he nodded for her to continue.  “It started out as images, feelings and sensations.”  The room went eerily quiet
when she hesitated again and proceeded with a hollow tone to her voice.  “Sense of cold or aloneness……seeing the wires
and feeling all the stickers on me.”

Everyone except Tirzah and Alan looked at one another with astonishment, but never interrupted the Psychon.

Tirzah still looked at the floor, but her head came up a little.  “I was scared and I see big faces and hands.  I can hear
sound, but I don’t understand…until…”  She stopped suddenly and looked a bit confused.

“Until, what, Tirzah?”  Koenig nearly whispered.

“…love.”  She spoke simply.

Tirzah took a deep breath and blinked several times before looking up at her husband.  He had tears in his eyes and was
smiling as he put an arm around her and drew her in closely.

Alan Carter looked up at the Commander and, with a small catch in his throat, spoke softly.  “Do you still think they’re a
threat, John?”

“You have to understand, Alan,” Helena spoke up.  “We’re just being cautious with…”

“Something that happened nearly 10 years ago, Doc!”  Carter pounced on her, physically turning in his seat to face her.  
“Your biggest argument is based on a bizarre incident that happened independently…”

“You have to admit, Alan, that when she talks like that,” Helena pointed to the younger woman, “it’s a little unnerving!”

“Yea, a bit!  But you have to take in to consideration what’s happening!”

“I am!”  Helena stood and moved closer to the Carters.  “I’m concerned for what Tirzah must be going through!  Alan, it’s as
if she no longer has independent will!”

Maya interjected at this point before Alan could respond.  “It’s not quite like that, Helena.”

Helena shook her head at her friend and lowered her voice.  “Her son is speaking through her, Maya and causing her to
experience pain, loss of breath and other physical and mental anxieties.  What else would you call it?”  She turned back to
Alan and Tirzah.  “As her doctor, I have to be concerned that the child is harming her!”

Alan nearly came out of his chair.  “He’s not harming her!  How many times do we have to explain this?”

“Commander?”  Tirzah suddenly sat up straight and looked at Koenig for the first time.  “Would you be willing to let me show
you what it is that I can do?”  She watched him look around the room in suppressed confusion.

“I saw what happened the other day.”  He said slowly.

Tirzah shook her head and smiled.  “You saw what happened to me because Taylor swallowed a wire ribbon.  I want to show
you what I can do.”

“Tirzah?”  Alan squeezed her hand but she shook her head at him before turning back to the Commander.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand.”  Koenig folded his hands on his desk.  “Is this something to do with the way you and Taylor

“Something like that.”  Tirzah smiled again.  “Maya says that on Psychon, I’m a very rare and special person.  I’d like to
show you why my son and I could never harm anyone on Alpha.”

John looked at Helena, who shrugged slightly but still looked apprehensive, and then over at Tony and Maya, who simply
nodded, before turning his attention back to Tirzah.  “Alright, what do I have to do?”

Tirzah and Alan let go of each other and he helped her move her chair closer to the Commander.  She and Maya had
secretly discussed sharing her ability with Commander Koenig and perhaps even with Helena to relieve their anxieties, but
only if Tirzah felt comfortable with it.  When she felt the tension rise in the room, she had immediately decided that it would
be necessary and beneficial.  She leaned forward and indicated that the Commander should do the same.

“Do you remember the Psychon village on Norlou, Commander?”

“Yes.”  He glanced at Helena.

“I would like to take you back there, if you’ll let me.”

Now she had his complete attention.  “Take me back there, how?”

She smiled patiently.  “I don’t really know how to explain it, but you’ll see.  Now, look into my eyes and don’t look away.  Stay
focused on my eyes.”  He nodded his agreement and they locked eyes over the desk.
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