The Healer
by  Patricia Marie
Alan knelt next to the bed in order to be as close as possible.  He pulled her hand delicately towards his chest and whispered
her name.  “Tirzah.”  She didn’t stir.

“She can’t hear you, Alan.”  Dr. Helena Russell spoke soothingly to the blond Australian, as she moved around the medical
center quietly.

He looked up at the Doctor with tears ready to burst from his eyes.  “She’s gonna be alright, isn’t she, Doc?”

Helena hated this question.  In all the years of her medical career, it was the one question that never had a solid answer.  “I’m
doing my best.  She’s in a lot of pain.  With her Psychon physique….”  The Doctor took a deep haggard breath.  “I’ve called for

This news didn’t reassure the Alphan pilot.  He lovingly swept his wife’s strawberry blond hair away from any part of her face.  
“Helena.”  He nearly startled her as he stood.  “Do you at least know what it is?”

Helena sighed heavily.  “I...I have to wait for Maya.”  She turned and walked away purposefully.

Alan’s jaw hung open for a moment and he considered racing after the Doctor and forcing her to talk.  He looked back at his
wife and, unwilling to leave her side, knelt down at the side of the bed again.  He kissed Tirzah’s hand and whispered her
name once more.

Carter’s breath suddenly caught in his throat as his wife’s eyes fluttered and then opened slightly.  “Hey, darlin’.”  He

Tirzah tried to smile but this seemed too much of an effort and she settled for licking her lips.  “I’m thirsty.”  Her eyes rolled a
moment as she spoke in a gravelly voice.

Alan placed her hand back carefully before he bolted up and grabbed the small plastic pitcher that lay on the stand near her
bed.  He looked inside to make sure it was water, then grabbed the cup that sat there.  He poured out just a bit and set the
pitcher back before bending and placing the cup to her lips.

“Alan!”  Just as he had the cup to her lips, Helena moved quickly across the room.  “She can’t drink the water straight.”

“Huh?”   He looked up at her, bewildered.

She quickly took the cup from him and handed him a small cloth.  “She can have this, but you’ll have to hold it for her.”

Confused, Alan unwrapped a little cube of ice and looked up at the Doctor.

“Run it across her lips.  She can’t drink right now, but this will relieve the dryness.”  She nodded at him to carry out her

Tirzah seemed very grateful for the little bit of water this produced.  When she seemed satisfied, the young woman’s eyes
fluttered closed and she slept again.

Alan re-wrapped the ice cube and handed it back to Helena.  “Doc, please.”  He stood up and followed her across the room.  
“What can we do to help her?”

Helena replaced the ice back into the cooler and turned slowly to face her friend.  “You must be prepared for what ever Tirzah
decides to do, Alan.”

“Wha….what ever Tirzah decides?  She’s out of it, Doc!  She has no idea what’s going on.  How can she decide?”  Alan kept
his voice down but it was still full of anguish and anger over the fact that his wife lay on a hospital bed apparently near death.

Helena lowered her eyes and spoke quietly.  “She knows, Alan.  That’s why we’re waiting.  She wanted everyone here before
she makes her decision.”

“What decision?  Does this have something to do with the baby?”  Carter’s voice gained volume causing Helena to look up
sharply and shush him.

“Go and sit with your wife, Alan.”  She reached out tentatively but never touched him.  “She’ll want to see you when she wakes
up again.”  With that said, Helena brushed her blond bangs away from her face and turned away to her office.

Alan Carter made the short distance back to his wife’s side, slowly.  He pulled up a nearby chair and sat down hard.  Reaching
over, he took Tirzah’s hand again and pressed it to his chest.

Lost in his own thoughts, Alan nearly jumped out of his chair when Tirzah suddenly inhaled sharply and rolled toward him.  He
reached out to grab her in case she fell out of bed but stopped when he realized that she was safe.

Tirzah cried out in pain and pulled her knees up tight.  The hand that Alan held now held his in a vise-like grip.

“Tirzah?”  Carter stood over her and rubbed her shoulder, at a loss as to what to do for her.  “Helena!”  He called over his

He hadn’t needed to.  The Doctor had heard her patient and was at the end of the bed before Alan finished her name.  “Rub
the small of her back.”  Helena instructed him as she rushed to a tray of equipments.  She took a small syringe and tested it
before bending low behind her patient.

She looked up quickly at Alan.  “Hold her shoulder and don’t let her reach back here.”  The Doctor’s tone was harsh and
Carter did as he was told.

Helena inserted the needle into Tirzah’s spine causing the young woman to stiffen even more, her mouth now open in a silent
scream and her eyes flew open wide.  The Doctor removed the needle and nearly threw it on the tray before returning to her
patient and continued rubbing her back where Carter had left off.

Tirzah slowly relaxed and took a few staggered breaths before exhaling sporadically.  Her eyes and mouth also relaxed and
she looked up at Alan as a single tear fell across her nose.

He caught it with his free hand and placed it to his lips in a silent kiss.  Tirzah smiled slightly and her eyes fluttered closed.

When he felt that he could trust himself to speak again, Alan looked over at Helena who was now preparing a new syringe.  
“What just happened?”

Helena sighed and lowered her eyes again.  “She’s having complications.”  She brushed her bangs away from her face once

“The baby?”

“I really do have to wait for Maya.  It’s what Tirzah wants, Alan.”

Alan made an exasperated noise, but when he heard Tirzah moan, he turned his attention back to her.  The woman’s eyes
were closed and she had a scowl on her face.

Helena made it as far as her office door, when Maya ran into the Medical Center.  She was breathing heavily, having run from
the travel tube; Tony at her heels.  “Tirzah.”  The Psychon breathed as she skidded to a halt next to Alan.  Maya placed a
sympathetic arm around him and the other on her niece’s face.  “What happened?”  She spoke to no one in particular.

Carter looked over to Helena Russell, who was making her way to the foot of the bed, near where Tony stood in case he was
needed.  “Tirzah’s very ill.”  This is all she said as she moved around to the other side of the bed and gently pulled on Tirzah’s
hip and shoulder to roll her onto her back.  As the Doctor settled the young woman, she spoke her name quietly.  “Alan and
Maya are both here now.”  She stroked her head.

The young Psychon woman’s eyes fluttered for a moment and a moan escaped her lips.  She soon looked up at her family with
very sleepy eyes.  She licked her lips again.  “I have to make a decision.”

“Right.  Helena said that.”  Carter interrupted.

Tirzah looked over at Helena, questioningly, but looked back at her husband when the Doctor shook her head negatively.  “My
body is trying to reject the baby.”

Carter heard a little squeak of shock escape Maya’s lips, but he resisted the urge to look at her.  Tirzah’s eye’s rolled back up
into her head for a moment before she continued.  Her voice shook with fatigue and sorrow.  “Doctor Russell has informed me
that if I try and carry the baby to term, I could risk dying myself.  She has also suggested that I a…abort…”  She paused and
closed her eyes against the pain.  “…and that insures that I will live.  However,” Tirzah looked straight into her husband’s eyes
and did her best to search his feelings, but the pain didn’t allow her to concentrate.  “…if I give up this child…”  She took a
staggered breath.  “…I may not be able to have any more children.”

Helena decided that she could now inform them of the situation.  “She’s near the end of her second trimester for a Psychon.  
Losing the baby now, could potentially, make it more difficult to carry in the future.”  She looked up at Maya, who had stepped
back toward Tony.  “Plus, she’s known for quite some time that something was wrong, but she kept it from us and has, in a
sense, fused with the baby.  This makes it her decision, not the child’s, of who will survive.”

Carter looked around at each of his friends before his eyes settled once again on the pale face of his wife.  He now
understood why Helena had refused to tell him anything; Doctor, patient confidentiality.  It took a moment, but he eventually
found his voice.  “No.  No, you’re more important than the baby.  You can’t leave me now.”  He giggled nervously.  “I haven’t
learned the skill of playing Bultiamt yet.”   Alan bent and kissed her hand gently.  “Having a child doesn’t matter as long as we’
re together.”

Tirzah’s brow crinkled.  “The child has a right to survive, too.”

“But not if it is endangering the mother.”  Maya could barely believe that she had spoken.  All eyes turned on her and she
swallowed hard.  “The child has a fate to fulfill as well, and if that means that you must allow your body to reject it….then that is
its fate.  We have no right to stop that process once it’s begun.”  She had been straightening the blanket as she spoke, but
looked up to see the young Psychon woman crying freely.

Tirzah closed her eyes again.  She opened them and was about to speak when a wave of pain overtook her and she rolled
toward Alan and Maya once more.  They both reached out for her, calling her name simultaneously.  Tirzah cried out in
anguish, squeezing Alan’s hand so hard that he thought she might possibly break his bones.

Over the top of the young woman’s screams, Helena leaned over the bed and spoke loudly.  “What do you want me to do
Tirzah?  Do you want another shot?”

With her knees pressed tightly into her stomach, Tirzah looked up into her husbands face.  Alan was now weeping openly as
he knelt next to her bed.  His free hand covered hers as she squeezed his other.  She could hear the Doctor calling to her as if
from a distance, but for a moment, as she looked into Alan’s eyes, she focused on hearing the sounds of their hearts; Alan’s,
her own and the baby.  The third was waning as she listened, slowly getting weaker and weaker.

Tirzah suddenly cried out.  “NO!”

She let go of the edge of the bed that she’d been clinging to and threw her free arm around Alan Carter’s neck, whispering in
his ear.  “I’m so sorry.”  She held on to him tightly and it felt like a lifetime before she spoke again.  “No medicine.  No more
shots.”  She whispered.

Carter repeated what she’d said, holding her just as tightly.  “It’s all right.  It’s going to be ok.  Shhhhh.  Hush there.”  He pet
the back of Tirzah’s head as she sobbed for a moment.

Another wave of intense pain ripped through Tirzah’s belly and she screamed in Alan’s ear.

With Maya’s help, Helena disentangled the young woman from her husband’s neck.  Tirzah still had a hold of Alan’s hand, but
Helena forced her onto her back.  “Tirzah.  You have to push now.  It’s time to let it go.”  Helena spoke forcefully.

Tirzah glanced questioningly over at Maya, who was now also crying, but trying to help the Doctor.  Their eyes met and Maya
nodded at her niece to let her know that she was doing the right thing.  The young woman looked back at her husband and
tried to smile but another wave of pain overtook her and she closed her eyes tightly against it.

“Push, Tirzah!”  She heard Helena yell over the top of her own screams.  “Let it go now!”

Tirzah did as she was told and after quite a long time, she finally expelled the child.

The tiny baby boy lived 2 short minutes.  Alan and Maya named him; Taylor Frelec Ian Carter; before he passed and Dr.
Russell pronounced his T.O.D.

Tirzah had passed out as she accomplished the final push and did not awake through the hurried naming ceremony.  Alan
moved back to Tirzah’s side and allowed more tears to fall.  She took a shuddering deep breath and then lay so still that he
checked her wrist for a pulse.

Maya placed a reassuring hand on Alan’s shoulder and then threw herself into Tony’s arms and wept into his shoulder.  They
were all startled when they heard the nurse that was attending the Carter child, gasp loudly and call for the Doctor to join her.

They rushed forward and, when they saw the baby move slightly, Helena yanked her stethoscope from her pocket and
proceeded to examine the child again.  “Get him into the incubator.”  She commanded the nurse.  “Start an IV saline drip, give
him 1 milligram per kilo of Ketorolac and have Dopamine hydrochloride ready.

“Is he alive?”  Alan almost grabbed the Doctor’s arm as she moved to help her nurse.

“Barely.  I don’t know how or why yet…….”  She stopped and looked at Carter’s hopeful face.  “But he is alive.”

Alan laughed out loud and turned and hugged Maya and Tony tightly.  “He’s alive!”  He gave Maya a quick kiss and then he
turned to Helena again before she could leave.  “What should we do?  How can we help?”

Helena turned and smiled at the new father standing happily before her.  “Tend to Tirzah.  Keep her comfortable while I’m in
there and I’ll be back as soon as we have him stable.”

Carter cried out in joy, but Maya shushed him and pointed to his wife.  “I have a son!”  He whispered loudly.

“I know!”  Maya laughed softly.  “And I’m an Aunt again!”

“Yes, you are……Aunt Maya!”  Carter slapped Tony on the shoulder.  “And Uncle Tony!  I wish I had a cigar for you, mate!”  
The trio hugged again before Alan went back to Tirah’s side and tried to wake her.

Maya placed a hand on his shoulder.  “Let her sleep, Alan.  She’s been through so much.  We can tell her when she wakes.”

The Verdeschi’s left then, but Alan stayed with his wife all through the night, falling asleep in the chair with his head and arm
resting on the edge of the bed.

Tirzah woke to a darkened hospital room, waiting for her mind and eyes to come back into focus.  She gazed around the room
sleepily, wondering why and how she’d come to be here.  Her eyes fell upon the side of the bed where the head of her
husband rested.  Alan.  She said his name, but no sound came past her lips.

She closed her eyes and waited for answers from her foggy mind but none came.  Tirzah reached a weak and shaky hand to
her forehead and felt gingerly for lumps or bumps.  It must have been bad for her to not remember how she had gotten to the
Medical Center.

She slid her arm slowly down her body and her arm came to rest across her waist.  Tirzah’s fingers came in contact with Alan’s
hair and she toyed with the blond strands for a moment before a small but sharp pain moved along her abdomen.

She clutched weakly at her belly as a memory shot through her brain like a fiery sword.  She nearly felt a heartbeat against
her hand, which was shaking much worse now, and she remembered Helena calling to her.  Tirzah’s whole body began to
tremble as she heard her own voice holler in pain and anguish, first in her own head and then out loud.

Alan shot straight to his feet and immediately bent over his wife.  “It’s alright, love.  Shhh.  You’re safe.”  He murmured
endearments to her every few seconds as she continued to wail and shake.

Alan looked up and around the Center to see Helena standing just outside her office, waiting in case she was needed.

“The baby!”  Tirzah wailed into Alan’s chest as he sat on the edge of the bed holding her.  “What happened to the baby?”

“He’s alright!  He’s fine.”  Carter spoke softly and then swallowed hard as he slowly explained what had happened.  “They took
him away then, but Helena says that he’ll be just fine.  He’s just very weak and tiny right now.”  He finished.

Tirzah looked at him a moment before she opened her mouth to speak, but instead she leaned over the other side of the bed
and became violently sick.

Alan leaned over her legs and quickly grabbed her long braided hair up out of the way, even though very little was ever
expelled.  He stayed in that position, rubbing her back gently, until she began to sit back up.

He helped her back into a sitting position and handed her a nearby cloth as a nurse suddenly seemed to appear out of
nowhere and proceeded to clean up the small mess.

Tirzah took the cloth in two very shaky hands and, as she raised it up, she suddenly buried her face in it and began to cry
anew.   She didn’t protest when Alan took the cloth away from her gently and wiped her face for her.  “I’m so sorry.”  Tirzah
finally spoke when he had put the cloth back on the side table.


“No.”  Tirzah stopped him.  “This is all my fault.  I was too scared to say anything.”

“No…”  Alan tried to interrupt again.

“Please.  This was my doing!  I knew that something was wrong but I was afraid to come in and find out what it was.”  Tirzah
looked down at her hands shaking in her lap.  “It’s my fault that the baby came too early.”  She began to cry again and Alan
pulled her into his arms and held her tightly.

He wanted to say something to comfort her; to tell her that he didn’t blame her; but he also knew that at this moment she would
never accept anything that might ease her conscience.

Quietly, Helena appeared at Alan’s elbow holding out a glass of water to the young woman.  “Here.  See if you can keep this
down and then I want you to try and get some more sleep.”

Tirzah took the glass from the Doctor as she and Alan parted, and drank it slowly.

Helena touched Alan’s shoulder as she stepped past him and motioned him to follow her.  “Try and get some sleep, Tirzah, we’
ll be right here if you need anything.”

Alan stood and kissed his wife gently on the forehead before moving off toward Helena’s office.

Dr. Russell stood in the doorway waiting and closed the door halfway as he sat down.  She wasted no time in speaking to him.  
“I wanted to let you know just how traumatic this will be for all of you.”  Helena sat down behind her desk.  “Tirzah will continue
to blame herself for quite some time….whether it had been her fault or not.”

Alan instantly pounced on her accusation.  “Are you saying that it’s her fault the baby’s early?”  Alan had come out of his chair
but Helena was unruffled by his anger.

“That’s not the issue, Alan, now please sit back down….and keep your voice down so that your wife can sleep.”  She sighed
heavily with exhaustion and swept her bangs out of her eyes.  “Tirzah will continue to blame herself no matter what happens to
the child.  No one can stop her from this, it’s natural.  What I wanted to explain to you was some of the things that you’ll be
dealing with in the next few months.”

A very sad and sober Alan Carter walked out of Dr. Helena Russell’s office an hour later.  “Go home and get some rest, Alan.  I’
ll call you if she wakes up before you get back.”  She patted his shoulder sympathetically.

Carter walked over to his wife’s bed and lay a light kiss on her forehead before turning and walking out of the Medical Center.

Five days later, Tirzah had been pronounced physically fit enough to leave the Medical Center.  Although Helena still needed
to keep the baby in the incubator and in the Center, and she was still worried over the mental stability of his mother, she had
no other reason to keep Tirzah any longer and handed her the strict schedule that she was to go by until fully healed.

Alan stood next to her with his arms laden with the gifts that friends and family had left on their visits.

“Are you ready, then?”  Alan smiled at her as he shifted the items in order to add one more that she’d suddenly found.

Tirzah whispered to the baby in the incubator and turned to give Helena a warm hug before smiling and waving her new
schedule in the air as she lead the way out the door.

Once she was far enough down the hallway, Tirzah turned to Alan with a wicked grin.  “I’m free!  As soon as we have
everything settled I want to start a space in our room for when Taylor comes home!”

“I believe Helena’s said that you were to go to our quarters and lay down….take it easy.”  He smiled encouragingly.  

Tirzah did not smile back.  “That’s all I’ve been doing for the last week!  I want to do something that doesn’t involve laying on
my back!”

Alan had to giggle at her, but he had promised the Doctor that he’d make her stick to the schedule she’d given them.  “Listen, I’
ll make you a deal!  You rest for awhile after we get home, and I’ll bring lunch up so we can have a bite while we’re figuring out
the new furniture arrangements.  Sound good?”

Tirzah contemplated this as they waited for the travel tube.  “Well…alright.  For starters!  But I’m not just going to lay around
for the next 4 weeks, just waiting till I can bring home my son.”

“Alright. Alright.”  Alan conceded as they stepped into the tube.  “I knew this was going to be rough, but I now have a very
good idea of just how much Helena will be yelling at me for not keeping you down!”  They giggled together as the tube sped

“NO!!”  Tirzah screamed as she sat straight up in bed, clutching at her abdomen.  “THE BABY!!”
Alan was awake and trying to cradle her as she cried again.  “Shhhh. Tirzah, it’s alright, darlin’.  Wake up now.  He’s safe.  It’s
alright.”  He spoke quietly in between her outbursts.

She turned to face him with a wild look in her eyes.  “Where’s the baby?  I have to find the baby!”

“He’s okay, Tirzah.  He’s in the Medical Center.”

The young woman threw off her covers and grabbed her comlock as she headed for the door.  “I have to see him.  I have to
find my baby!”

Alan was up and after her in a shot.  He caught her as she stepped over the threshold of their quarters and pulled her back
inside.  “Where are you going?  It’s nearly 2am, sweetheart.”

Tirzah tried to push past him as he blocked the door.  “I have to find my son!”  She wrestled with him so violently, that Carter
thought she may hurt herself.

“Tirzah, stop!  Taylor’s safe in Medical and you need to relax and go back to bed.”

“You don’t understand!  I have to see him!”

“Why?  Why?  What’s so urgent?”

Tirzah stopped struggling and looked into her husbands eyes.  “He’s calling to me!  He needs me!  Please, Alan, I have to find
my son!”

The look of fear and pleading in her face caused the man to take pity on her.  “Alright.”  Alan grabbed the top to his pajamas
and followed Tirzah out the door.

The couple arrived at the Center a bit out of breath.  Tirzah had been so agitated that she almost ran down each hallway.  
Carter opened the door of the Medical Center and they were both assaulted by the noise and activity that was now happening
before them.

“I need another bag of saline.”

“I need that adrenalizene now, Ed.”

“Keep pumping the oxygen.”

“I don’t want to have to open his chest.”

“No!”  Tirzah jumped forward and Alan just barely held her back.  “Taylor!”

Both Dr. Russell and Dr. Spencer turned and spoke.  “Get them out of here!  You can’t be in here!”

It took Alan and a male nurse to get Tirzah back out into the hallway.  Carter held his wife back while the nurse shut them out
and locked the door.

Tirzah tried desperately to get back in.  Screaming the child’s name repeatedly, she pushed Alan back against the door,
beating on him and the door in her attempt to get back in.  Her fighting skills forgotten, she lashed out blindly; kicking and
scratching.  He held onto her as well as he could while thwarting any attempts to open the door.  Long minutes passed as she
screamed and clawed at the door over his shoulder.  Several times she tried to back up in order to out maneuver him, but Alan
held onto her and moved as she did.

Tirzah stopped suddenly and clutched at her stomach.  Her knees gave way under her and she would have fallen hard if Alan
had not still been holding onto her.  He eased her down so that her back was against the opposite wall and gingerly moved the
hair plastered to her face by sweat and tears.

“Are you hurt?”  He could tell that her tears were spent, but her wooden expression and far away eyes sliced through his heart
afresh.  “Do you want to have someone look at that?”

Tirzah closed her eyes and began to hum a strange tune and it sent chills down Alan’s spine.  She started to rock slowly
forward, never letting go of her abdomen and never breaking the rhythm of the tune.

Alan looked up and down the hallway, hoping for a doctor or nurse to immerge that could help.

To Alan, it felt like an hour before Tirzah suddenly stopped and looked up expectantly at the door to the Center.  She tried to
ignore the nagging pain in her stomach as she attempted to get on her feet.  Alan wrapped an arm around her and hauled her
up to her feet, but didn’t let go.  “Taylor.”  She whispered just as the door unlocked and opened.

Helena stood in the doorway, exhaustion exuding from every pore.  She waived them inside as she stepped back and gave
them a weak smile.  “He gave us a scare, but he’s stable now if you’d like to see him.”

Tirzah took a step forward but nearly collapsed in pain.  Helena rushed forward immediately to help Alan get her inside.  They
steered her toward a bed, but the young Psychon began to pull and fight them and the pain.  “My baby.  I have to see my
baby.”  Alan instantly moved her toward the incubator so that she could see her son.

They stood alongside the incubator and Tirzah put her hand against the plexiglas.
 “I’m here, darling.  Mother’s here for you.  
Don’t fear.”
 Tirzah whispered to the child in Psychon.  “I know, but don’t be frightened.  I’ll be right here.”  Tirzah suddenly
clutched her abdomen again and her legs were shaking under the strain of her own weight.

“Aaron.”  Helena waived one of the male nurses to her and spoke softly.  “Could you wheel that bed to this side of the room so
that she can be near the baby?”  He nodded to her and moved away.

As soon as the bed was in place, Carter mustered his own strength to pick up his wife and place her in the bed.  He then
grabbed a chair and placed it at the edge of the incubator, in between it and the bed.  He was confused and worried about
what had just happened with both mother and child, and he refused to leave them until he had some answers.

Helena Russell and a female nurse fussed over Tirzah as the other doctor and nurses dispersed and went back to their other
duties.  The young woman seemed oblivious to them; she only had eyes for her child.  Helena glanced over at the worried face
of Alan Carter and spoke his name softly.

“No.”  He barely glanced up at her.  “I’m not leaving them……don’t ask.”  He watched with fascination as Tirzah watched her
son and the child seemed to look back at his mother.  Her face held a dreamy, far away look.

Helena finally finished examining her patient and dismissed her nurse.  She moved around the bed to be face to face with the
Carter family.  Sighing, she swept her bangs back before she began.  “She’s basically pulled a stomach muscle.  The fact that
she heals faster than us, has saved her from a very nasty tearing of sensitive uterine tissue which, if she were anyone else,
would have led to surgery.  She has to remain as quiet as possible.  You’ll stay here tonight and I’ll check back in the morning
to see if you’re ready to go back home.”  She spoke the last directly to Tirzah.

“What happened to Taylor tonight, Doc?”

Helena seemed to have trouble speaking and she kept her face hidden from them as much as possible.  “He went into cardiac
arrest and his lungs nearly collapsed.  It was touch and go for awhile, but we pulled him through.”  Helena looked over at the
tiny child, now fast asleep.  “I just hope that there isn’t any damage from oxygen deprivation.  We don’t believe he was without
for too long.”  She cleared her throat, sweeping her bangs away from her face.

Alan nodded and quietly thanked her but, when Tirzah didn’t move, Helena moved closer.  “Why did you come here tonight,

“I had to come.  Taylor needed me.”

Helena took another step closer.  “But how did you know?  What drew you here at that exact moment?”

Tirzah never took her eyes from the sleeping face of her baby boy.  “Taylor did.  He needed me, so I came as quickly as I

Alan looked up at the doctor, waiting for her reaction.  “She kept saying that back in our quarters.  ‘I have to find him.  He
needs me.’  I couldn’t contain her.”

“It’s alright.”  Helena reassured him.  “Get some sleep; both of you; and I’ll be back in the morning.”  She started to turn away
but looked back at Alan.  “Ed’s on duty now so, if you need anything, he’ll be in my office.”

Alan nodded his understanding and readjusted his chair so that he could be closer to his wife.

As soon as the doctor had gone, Alan shifted his chair again and blocked Tirzah’s view of the child so that he would have her
full attention.  “What is happening, Tirzah?  I need to know.  What did you mean ‘Taylor called to you’?”

Tirzah smiled a loving, dreamy smile as she looked into her husband’s eyes.  “He can talk to me……and I can hear him.”  She
tried to look past him, but he blocked her vision.

“Hear him?  Hear him, how?”

Tirzah giggled.  “I don’t know.  He’s just there……in my head.”  She raised herself up on her elbow and truly looked into Alan’s
eyes.  “It was so awful and he was calling and calling!  He was in so much pain!  And then, finally, he was alright.  And see…”
she looked past him.  “Now he’s sleeping peacefully again.”

Tirzah gave Alan a broad, happy smile as she took his hand and pressed it to her cheek.  “When he wakes up again, would
you like to talk to him?”

“What?”  Alan was taken back by the suggestion.

“I think I can do it!  I don’t have to look into his eyes to hear him so, when he’s awake, I’ll bring you in and you should be able
to at least hear him talk.”

Alan floundered.  This was beyond anything he had ever encountered or even imagined and it was making him extremely
uncomfortable.  “I…well, why don’t you get some sleep and we’ll talk about this in the morning, alright?”

Tirzah nodded and kissed his hand before releasing it and lying back on the bed.

Alan Carter sat quietly for a long time, first looking at his wife, then at his child.  He had never in his life heard anything more
bizarre than what Tirzah had just proposed.  He stood and paced around the room for quite some time after they were both
asleep before heading out the door.

He made his way back to his quarters as the nights’ events and conversations played in his head several times.

He needed to think……away from his family.  He needed to sort all of this out and decide how to handle it.  Was she crazy?  
Did she even understand what she was saying?  Should he say something to Helena…or Bob?  Alan changed his clothes
while these and many more questions swirled around in his head.  He pulled on his shirt and glanced over at the
chronometer…04:30 hours.  Absently, he wondered what time Maya and Tony got up.

Alan ran his fingers through his hair as he paced the room that he shared with Tirzah.  “My wife; my sweet, loving, energetic
wife……  She’s been through so very much this week.  That has to be the answer.  She’s exhausted and the very first night
away from the baby, she has a bad dream, that’s all.  She’s just tired and imagined that the baby spoke to her.  She was
distraught over seeing the child in that state of distress, that’s it.  She just had a very realistic and vivid dream.  It was a dream,
that’s all.”

He stopped in the middle of the floor and looked around the room.  “Who’re you trying to convince, Carter?  You know what
she can do.  Who’s to say she can’t talk to him?”  He laughed nervously.  “Well, we know you’re crazy!  You’re talking to
yourself!”  He stood there for a moment more and the heavy silence in the room made him even more agitated.

The door buzzer sounded again, and this time, Tony was sure that it wasn’t a dream.  He looked over at the other side of the
bed to see Maya was also stirring.  The clock next to him read, a very early 05:15 hours.  Hauling the covers off of himself as if
they were lead weights, Tony dragged his legs over the side of the bed and stumbled sleepily toward the door.  “This had
better be good.”  He mumbled to himself just as he pushed to button to open it.  “Alan?  What’s wrong?  Do you know that it’s 5
o’clock in the morning?”

“Yeah, I know, but I really needed to talk……”

“Alan?  What’s wrong?”  In one smooth move, Maya came from somewhere behind Tony, scooped her arm around Carter;
pulling him inside; shut the door and sat him neatly on the sofa.  “What’s happened?”

Tony watched it all happen and stood dumbfounded near the door.  Maya called to him.  “Tony, would you be a dear and put
on some coffee?  I have a feeling we’re going to need it.”

“Yeah.”  Tony scowled, slowly moving toward the kitchenette.  “I know that I’m certainly going to.”  He mumbled.

Maya sat across the sofa from the new father and took his hand.  “Now, tell us what’s happened.”

“Right.”  Tony called from across the room.  “What’s so important that you had to wake us up so early?”

“Tony!”  Maya scolded.

“No, no, he’s right.”  Alan chimed in.  “Look, I know that it’s early, but I just had to talk to someone.”  Alan shifted.  “We had a
little……incident tonight.”

“What happened?”  Tony and Maya almost spoke in unison.

“Tirzah had a nightmare.”  He started slowly.  “She woke up screaming and insisted on going to Medical immediately!  She kept
repeating, over and over, that she had to find her son!”  Alan sighed heavily and fought an urge to pace the room.  “When we
arrived, there was a room full of doctors and nurses working on Taylor.  It was a nightmare!  We got Tirzah out, but she fought
me with everything she had to get back into that room.”

“Of course she did!”  Maya sat forward.  “Any mother would, Alan.”

“I know.  I know.”

“Is he alright, mate?”  Tony handed each of them a cup of coffee.

“Yeah, he is now.  But the really weird things started happening after they got him stable and they allowed us back inside.”  He
took a sip of coffee before going on.  “She had hurt herself during the struggle so Helena and I were holding her up near the
incubator.  She was talking to him in Psychon for a moment and she allowed us to put her into a bed near the baby, but when
Helena asked her why she had come to the Center, she said……”

He hesitated so long, and had so much trouble making eye contact, that Maya prompted him to go on.  “What did she say,
Alan?  What was her reason?”

He looked at each of them.  “She said…”  He choked and looked down into his coffee.  “She said that Taylor called to her for

“What?”  Tony remarked softly.

Alan put down his cup and finally began pacing the room.  “She said that he needed her and that he called her to come to
him!  She says that she can bring me inside her head so that I can talk to him too!”  He grabbed the hair on the back of his
neck tightly and gestured toward the couple.  “I think she’s gone crazy!  I think that nearly losing the baby did something to her

They sat staring at him for so long that he finally broke the silence for them.  “I didn’t know who else to go to……to talk to.”

Maya collected herself first.  “You made the right choice, Alan.  I don’t know that Tirzah’s crazy, though.  Do you remember
when we were in Medical, before the baby was born, and Helena explained that the reason Tirzah hadn’t already had a
miscarriage was because her body, in a sense, had fused with the baby?”  She swept a long strand of auburn hair behind her
ear and stood.  “Helena said that it was now Tirzah’s choice who lived or died; not fate, not destiny, not even the child’s; her
choice.  Tirzah would have been trained on Psychon to be a Healer.  Healers are able to look inside a person’s body and
mind……even break past barriers that they may have built up……in order to heal their body or spirit!  She was working with
me to do that internally.  I’ve tried to help her develop her potential abilities ever since she arrived on Alpha, and lately we’ve
been working to help her; in a sense; talk to the baby!”

Tony watched her and grew more and more curious.  “Yeah, but can she actually talk to the child?  Like you and I are talking

“I don’t know.”

“She thinks that she can.”  Alan spoke up.

“What she thinks of as talking, may not be the same as we’re thinking of it right now.  The mind’s a funny thing; no matter who
it is; and Tirzah’s mind can do truly amazing things.  She has potential and talent to do much more than I would ever be able to
accomplish.”  Maya set her cup down.  “If you were to think of the brain as a house, then when I morph into another creature, I
have to get inside its head at the molecular level, so you might say that I go in through the back door or a side window.  Tirzah
simply walks through the front door!  Psychons can’t do that……except for those very special ones.”

“Like Tirzah.”  Alan sighed loudly.  “So, if this is possible……if she can really talk to Taylor, what should I expect to be up

Maya chuckled sympathetically.  “You sound as if you’re walking into a battle!  If this is what’s happening between Tirzah and
Taylor, then you may be the last to get a joke, but other than that, you just have to be a patient and understanding husband
and father.”  She stepped forward and linked arms with Alan to guide him back to the sofa.  “When Psychon women are
expecting, they do bond with a child just like any other mother.  However, most of us can actually feel every little movement
they make; every blink of an eye; because we’re so very in tune with our molecular structure!”  

She smiled and pat his hand.  “I won’t lie to you, Alan.  I don’t know everything about this.  Back on our home world, she would
have been taught by a parent or mentor until she was beyond them and then she would have been given to a Healer to
complete her training.”  Maya shook her head sadly.  “But here……I only know just so much about what she does before I’m as
lost as any of you.”

Carter wiped a hand across his face.  He sat quietly with his head down, thinking of everything he’d learned.  “I don’t
understand all of this……and I’m not going to pretend that I ever will understand it……but I love her and my son.”

Maya grabbed his hands again.  “And that’s all that anyone can ask of you, Alan!  Just be patient…try to listen to her, try to
understand what she’s going through.  Enjoy them both and share what ever you can with them.”

Tirzah awoke to the half lights of the Medical Center and Alan snoring softly in the chair beside her with his head on his chest
and his feet outstretched.  She smiled and looked across him at the sleeping baby in the incubator.  “My Taylor.”  She barely

Tirzah glanced around the room quickly and then threw back the covers and crossed around to the other side of the
incubator.  She slipped her hands into the gloved holes and gently caressed the baby’s wisp of blond hair, his face and hands,
being careful not to disturb him or the breathing and feeding tubes.  She was excited to see slight discolored spots forming just
above his eyes and; although she didn’t see any on his face; thin, natural Psychon markings at intervals along his torso.  She
smiled even wider and tilted her head to the side as she watched his eyes dance back and forth under their lids.  “What are
you dreaming about, little one.”  She whispered to him as she closed her eyes.

“Tirzah?”  Alan’s voice pulled her attention away from the baby.

“I’m here.”  She whispered back and smiled at her husband.  “Shhhh, we don’t want to wake him from his dreams!”  Tirzah
slipped her hands out of the gloves and moved around the incubator to embrace her husband as he stretched.  “He’s
dreaming.  Should we go and see what it’s about?”

Alan smiled weakly down at her. “Well……um……that’s a bit private, don’t you think?”  He tried to joke.  “We don’t want to
invade his privacy!  He might be dreaming about slaying dragons or flying spaceships……we don’t want to disrupt that, now do
we?”  He tried to laugh nonchalantly but it came out weak and choked.

Tirzah never seemed to notice.  She giggled at the thought of Taylor at the helm of a ship or with a sword about to take on a
fiery demon.  “Of course not!  He could be racing Mugadorns or sliding down Mt. Cyphrus to escape the dreaded Dorcons!”

Alan pushed her away slightly and genuinely smiled.  “Where did you hear about Dorcons?”

Tirzah became suddenly serious.  “The Elders told the story of the Dorcons all the time!  They are our worse enemy!  We must
never, ever fall prey to them or they will destroy each and every one of us for their own selfish gain!”  She recited and then
looked up at her husband.  “How is it that you know about Dorcons?”

He hugged her tightly to his chest.  “We encountered them a while back……they took Maya, and John followed her to their
ship to free her.  Maya and the Commander ended up destroying them.  We just barely got Maya back.”

“Oh, how horrible.”  Tirzah shuddered and held onto Alan a bit tighter.

“Good morning!”  She untangled herself from him and placed a hand on the side of the incubator.  “How did you sleep?”

Alan, once again, became nervous as mother and son stared at each other.  He watched as Tirzah closed her eyes and her
smile increased slowly.  He noticed no change in the baby as he lay quietly, moving a limb occasionally, staring up at his

Tirzah’s eyes flew open suddenly and she giggled as she took Alan’s hands and led him back to the bed.  “He’s ready now.  He’
s a bit nervous, but he wants to meet you very badly.”

“Tirzah, I don’t know about this.”  Alan stammered as she sat him on the bed.  “I don’t think…”

“Don’t be nervous!”  Tirzah giggled.  “Just like father and son!”

Alan smiled, in spite of himself.  “Like father, like son.”

“That’s it.  Now, look into my eyes and don’t break the contact.”

She looked at him steadily and Carter suddenly felt as if he were slipping thru warm water as the room faded away to
darkness.  Dull, multi-colored lights began to appear far in the distance, blinking slowly and changing often.  Other than the
lights it was dark and still.  Somewhere far off in the distance he heard a drum beating out a mostly rhythmic tune.  The dark
edges began to dull slightly and all around him seemed to get lighter as the slow blinking lights began to get closer and stayed
on longer and longer.  The drum beat became a bit louder and he realized that Tirzah was there beside him, although he
couldn’t see her.  He felt a sense of peace, mixed with apprehension and an odd animalistic hunger.  The colors around him
changed slowly and he tried to look down when his hand felt a sudden warmth, but couldn’t see anything of his own body; just
the lights.  A dull pink light swirled past him quickly and he chuckled at the joy he felt coming off of it as it passed.  He watched
a soft yellow light bob past him and felt a curiosity bounce back at himself, when he suddenly felt a pressure against his other
hand.  Alan tried to look down at it again and he knew that this was not the hand that Tirzah had been holding the entire time.  
Another soft yellow light bobbed along in front of him, but this one took longer to go by, as if inspecting him.

From somewhere inside his head, Alan heard his wife’s soft whisper.  “Talk to him, Alan, let him know that you’re listening.”

“Hello there.”  Carter stammered.  The lights faded to almost nonexistence.

“Shhhhh.  Whisper.  Not so loud.”

“Hello, Taylor.”  Alan whispered, starting to believe that maybe his son could hear him.  “I’m your father.”

The multicolored lights returned to their full light and another dull pink light whizzed past him as joy and……Alan almost
thought that he heard a child giggle……happiness filled the space he was in.  He felt more pressure on his free hand and this
time he squeezed back.  He was surprised and pleased to feel a warm, tiny hand in his own.  He chuckled quietly out loud and
watched several of the colors around him turn pink, some with light purple edges, which caused him to laugh harder.  The
lights responded in kind and Alan could feel the happiness of his son mingling with his own.  “I love you, Taylor.”  He
remembered to whisper.  The intensity of the lights grew.

The air was suddenly rent by a loud noise and everything went black for a split second before Alan returned to the bright lights
of the Medical Center.  He blinked wildly, trying to focus through the glare.  He wondered for a moment why the Center was
suddenly so bright.

“Alan…Tirzah…are you alright?”  Helena’s voice was harsh and her tone professional.  She had a hand on each of their
shoulders and was still shaking them slightly.

“Yeah.  Yeah, I’m fine.”  Carter closed his eyes and ran his hand over his face.  Then he looked at his own hand for a moment
and he curled his fingers to touch the spot where he’d felt the tiny hand of his son in his own.  He laughed and looked up into
the beaming face of his wife.  “It’s true.  It’s true!”  He grabbed her and pulling her into himself, he held her tightly and began to
weep softly.

After a moment, he let go of Tirzah and wiped the backs of his hands across his face.  “What happened?  Why did it……break
up like that?”

It was Helena that answered him.  “You were in some kind of trance.  Neither of you were blinking, but you were both crying.”  
She looked over at Tirzah.  “What did happen?”

Tirzah continued to smile lovingly at her husband’s amazed face.  “You interrupted our conversation.”  She giggled softly.

Alan joined in her amusement.  “Yeah, Doc, we were talking and having a good time, too.”

Helena felt a little put out at their jovial attitude.  “Well, you frightened me.  You two looked like you were in some sort of
catatonic state.  I do apologize for bringing you back to reality.”  The Carter’s just chuckled at her and she smiled slightly, in
spite of her confusion.

As Helena fussed around the incubator, checking readouts and conferring with Dr. Spencer, Alan pulled Tirzah forward and
kissed her softly and lovingly.  He then leaned his forehead to hers and whispered.  “That was wonderful.  I love you both, so
much!”  He stroked her cheek and wiped away a drying tear with his thumb.  “I’m going to go get some work done.  But I’ll be
back soon to see you……both of you!”  He kissed her again and then held her tightly for another moment before letting her go
and leaving the Center.

“You could all meet him!”

Tony nervously looked around the table at the small group.  “Well, we don’t want to overwhelm the lad.”

“He’s right.”  Maya spoke sincerely.  “He should bond with his parents.  We’ll hold him and play with him and babysit so that he
gets to know us slowly.”

Tirzah pouted slightly.  “But I’m so anxious for him to meet you all.”

Maya took her niece’s hand as she leaned forward.  “We will……but in a more normal fashion, that won’t overwhelm his
senses.”  She smiled at her sweetly.  “When did Helena say that he’d be able to come home?”

Tirzah’s face lit up.  “If he continues to do well, he can come home in two weeks!  He’s been off the respirator; as you know;
and breathing on his own for weeks, but Doctor Russell says that he has to be at least 8lbs., which he’s almost at now, and
she wants to make sure there aren’t any hidden abnormalities.  These past two months have been hard on my nerves,
though.”  She practically bounced in her chair and took Alan’s hand.  “Oh!  But we’re so excited!  We’ve got a corner of the
sleeping area all ready for him!  A gift from Textiles was delivered yesterday with 2 tiny blue sleepers, 3 outfits, sheets and
blankets for him!  Everyone’s been so kind!”  She turned excitedly and took Maya’s hand in both of hers.  “Oh, Maya, you must
see the hanging, twirling thing that the girls in Hydroponics made for Taylor’s bed!!”

“A mobile.”  Alan chimed in.

“Yes!  It has all sorts of little animals and stars and planets that twist and twirl!  Oh, it’s so beautiful!”  

Tirzah was so excited that Maya thought the woman might burst into tears, so she changed the subject.  “So, are you back at
work now, Tirzah?”

The young Psychon relaxed in her chair finally.  “Just part time for now, until Taylor comes home, then I’m to have as much
time off as I want in order to raise him!”  She looked at Maya seriously.  “I won’t take too much time though.  Alan and I have
talked about having other people sit with him when I want to go back to work, so that he gets used to other people and places
on Alpha.”

Tony nodded.  “That’s good for a growing boy!  He needs to spend some time with men too!”

Alan laughed at his friend.  “And what am I, mate, chopped liver?”

Tony waived him away.  “Aah, fathers don’t count!”

“You’ll be singing a different tune when you have children, Mr. Verdeschi!”  Maya chided him playfully.

Everyone laughed at the couple as Tony fought to defend himself until Tirzah suddenly leaned forward and fought to catch her
breath.  Maya and Alan each grabbed one of her shoulders and Tony was on his feet, rounding the table to help.

Tirzah clutched her chest for a moment before inhaling sharply as if she’d just broken the surface of water.  “Taylor!”  She
gasped out and stood up shakily.  Everyone pulled her back down into the chair, but Tirzah fought them off as she took in
another huge breath of air.  “Taylor!”

Realizing what was going on, Alan hauled his wife to her feet and half pulled, half carried her from the Verdeschi’s quarters.  
Maya and Tony were fast on their heels.

They all arrived to see Helena and three nurses closing the incubator.  The doctor turned to them as they rushed through the
door.  “He’s fine!  Just a minor scare!”  She held up her hands to ward off questions.  “He just lost his breath for a moment and
we had to give him oxygen.  This happens sometimes in preemies.”  She stayed in front of Tirzah as she spoke and backed up
slowly so that she couldn’t rush at the child.  “He’s resting now, so please be very quiet and try not to disturb him.”

The Carter’s made it to the incubator and Tirzah immediately placed her hands in the gloves.  Helena started to protest but
Maya silently enticed her to allow it.

“Is he alright?”  Alan whispered to his wife.  He still had an arm around her waist in case she should need him.

Tirzah inhaled deeply and normally as she looked down at her child and her eyes fluttered closed.  “He’s well.”  She spoke
softly.  “He swallowed wrong and couldn’t remember how to breath.”  Tirzah smiled.  “No, that happens sometimes……no one’s

Alan chuckled.  “He was afraid we were angry?  Sweet boy.”  He rested his head on his wife’s and stared lovingly at his son.

Helena watched, fascinated at the exchange going on before her.  She turned to Maya as the parents grew silent.  “What’s
going on?   What does she mean, he swallowed wrong?  How would she know something like that?”  Becoming increasingly
curious, she looked around at the small group before centering again on Maya.  “Come to think of it, why are all of you

Maya pulled her friend away from the incubator and kept her voice low so that she wouldn’t disturb the family.  “Tirzah has a
very special bond with Taylor.  They can communicate with each other.”

Helena’s brow knitted deeply in confusion.

“They can talk to each other.”  Tony tried to be helpful.  “She can let Alan talk to him too.”

Dumbfounded, Helena stared at the couple and their baby.  “Is that possible?”

“Apparently.”  Tony chuckled.

Maya gave him a warning glance.  “Tirzah bonded with the child on a much deeper level than any Psychon mother would be
able to.  They have the ability to actually communicate with one another telepathically.  That’s how we knew to come here.  We
were having dinner and Tirzah lost her breath as if she were drowning!”

“It’s really bizarre, Helena, but she really can talk to the baby.”  Tony nodded toward the incubator.

“Bizarre is one word for it, Tony.”  The Doctor said softly as she adjusted her collar nervously and moved toward the Carter
family.  She watched Tirzah intently as she walked slowly around them to the other side of the incubator.

Tirzah softly hummed the tune she often did when she came to visit Taylor  or when he’d been in some form of stress.  After a
moment, Alan joined in, harmonizing occasionally, until the infant’s eye drooped and closed.

Never taking her eyes from the infants’ face, Tirzah startled Helena by addressing her.  “Will this set me back a bit from being
able to go home, Doctor?”  The young mother never seemed to blink and her voice seemed almost hollow and distant.  

Helena glanced at Maya as the little hairs stood up on the back of her neck.  “Who…wants to know, Tirzah?”  She was almost
afraid of hearing the answer.

She smiled slightly.  
“I’ll let her know.  You just sleep now, darling.”  She whispered in Psychon.

Tirzah looked up across the incubator at Helena with a motherly, concerned face, as if nothing out of the ordinary had
happened.  “Will it?  Will he have to stay here longer because of this?”

Helena shook his head slowly and never took her eyes off the other woman.  “I…I don’t know, yet.  We’ll have to see how he
does.”  She said slowly.  “He’s still not up to a good weight for him to be leaving yet, so we’ll keep an eye on him in the mean
time and see how it goes.”  She smiled weakly.

Tirzah seemed satisfied with this and, after stroking the child’s hair one last time, she slipped her hands out of the gloves and
wrapped them around her husband.  Alan nodded his thanks to the doctor as he led his wife out.

The Verdeschi’s also started to leave, but Helena called quietly for Maya to stay behind.

She nodded and turned to Tony.  “Will you make sure they’re settled alright and I’ll be along soon?”  He acknowledged her
and headed out the door after his friend.

Helena glanced at the infant in the incubator before moving across the room to meet Maya.  “Thank you for staying.  I’m very
confused….and intrigued by what just happened here!”  She ran her fingers through her bangs to sweep them out of her
face.  “All of those times that Tirzah’s come to see the baby and sat talking to him in Psychon……she thinks that he’s talking
back to her?”

“She doesn’t think that he is, Helena…he’s actually communicating with her.”  Maya moved her further away from the child.  
“That first night that Tirzah went home and had that horrible dream that Taylor was calling to her actually happened.  From
that moment on, and possibly before that, they’ve been able to telepathically communicate; and Tirzah can feel when Taylor is
under massive stress.  It’s as if he suddenly broadcasts his feelings, so that Tirzah shares what ever is happening to him.”

“I understand telepathy, but this…?  How can he communicate at this stage of his life?  How can he have thoughts past basic
instinct?”  Helena looked over nervously and lowered her voice even further.  “It’s not possible!”

“It’s strange and difficult to explain, but not impossible.”  Maya patiently corrected.  “I haven’t talked to Taylor personally, but
Tirzah can understand him, and Alan explained that, for him, it was a series of feelings and colors that he experienced.”

Helena was taken back.  “Alan’s talked to him?”  She was visibly shaken by this news and Maya wondered if she should help
her to a chair.  “How?  When?”

“The following morning.  You interrupted them, I believe, thinking that they were in some sort of mental distress.”  Maya
watched her closely.  She’d never seen Helena so unnerved by the paranormal.

Helena suddenly smiled and a small nervous giggle escaped her.  “They laughed that I was interrupting their conversation.”  
She exhaled loudly as some understanding washed over her.  “This just doesn’t seem possible, but…!  Have you…spoken to
the child, Maya?”

“No.  Tirzah wanted me to, but I told her that it wouldn’t be right for anyone except his parents to have that privilege.”  Maya
placed a hand on her friend’s shoulder.  “Helena, you seem upset over all of this.  This is a bit abnormal, even for Psychons,
but I assure you that what’s happening here is perfectly alright.  Tizah’s telepathic abilities far outreach anything that I could
do, and it’s more than possible for her to be communicating with her son.”

Helena had been watching the Carter baby sleep when she suddenly turned to her friend with large, questioning eyes.  “When
you have children, Maya, will you be able to do this?”

Maya felt a touch of fear come from the doctor’s question and she answered slowly.  “Not as deeply, but yes, I’ll have a bond
with my child.  I would be able to sense if they were in danger or some other type of distress, but I won’t actually be able to
speak with them telepathically as Tirzah does.  Why do you ask?”

“I’m sorry.”  Helena swept her bangs back and then twisted her pinky ring nervously.  “I know that it’s irrational, but I can’t help
but feel like this is similar to when Jackie Crawford was born.”

“You’ve told me that story.  There’s nothing about this that resembles what happened to the Crawford’s……and Jack’s growing
into a fine young man!  Has Taylor ever given you any reason to think something unusual is happening to him?  Has he ever
done anything that’s not normal for a baby?”  Maya was getting a bit concerned for the child now.  She waited anxiously while
Helena took a moment to stare at the sleeping infant.

Helena took a deep breath and smiled slightly.  “No; never.”  She appeared to be calm but began to pace slowly.  “I don’t
know, Maya.  It’s just the way that Tirzah rushes in here occasionally, and always when the baby’s in trauma, and how she
talks so quietly…”  She stopped and faced her friend.  “Her tone of voice when she first asked if Taylor would have to stay
longer than expected…as if Taylor were asking me…”  She shuttered slightly as the memory of the Crawford baby suddenly
growing to the size of a 5 year old, played out in her head.

Maya took her friend by the shoulders.  “Helena, this is not anything like Jackie Crawford.  They just talk to each other, almost
like you and I do……I swear to you that this is normal.”

Helena smiled shyly.  “Well…normal for Tirzah.”

Maya giggled and rubbed her friend’s shoulder.  “Yes, normal for Tirzah.”

Helena gave her friend a quick hug and thanked her for staying to talk to her.

When the Medical Center doors closed behind Maya, Helena stood thoughtfully, watching the baby before going into her office
and picking up her comlock.  “John.  I’d like to talk to you as soon as you’re free.”

“Are you alright?”  Commander Koenig’s concerned voice floated around the room.

“I’m fine.  I just wanted to discuss something with you.”  

“Is it an emergency?”

“No.”  She smiled easily.  “When you get off shift is fine.”
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The 3rd story in the Alan/Tirzah Universe