...And Baby Makes...
by Patricia
It took Michelle Osgood a while to conceive after the Commander lifted the ban on
childbearing but, with the efforts of Dr. Russell’s fertility procedures and drugs, she was finally
in her second tri-mester.

The computer had been given the names of all the couples on Moonbase Alpha interested in
having a family, which it sorted and compiled by age and how long they’d been together.  The
Koenigs had been put at the top of the list along with the Osgoods and the Frasers.  The
Commander and Doctor had excused themselves from the top but, the longer the Osgoods
couldn’t conceive, the more couples moved in front of them.

They had exhausted almost every option when a procedure finally worked.  Patrick and
Michelle couldn’t have been happier to almost be parents.  “Patrick’s worried that my job may
harm the baby, Doctor.”  Michelle held her husbands hand as she watched Dr. Spencer run
the ultrasound paddle over her swollen belly.

“I just don’t want her to over do it!”  Patrick attempted to defend himself.  “We’ve waited so
long.  I don’t want anything to happen to Michelle or the baby.”

Dr. Spencer smiled as he kept his eye on the monitor.  “Dr. Russell cleared her for light duty.  
She’s healthy…”  He moved the paddle until the machine picked up the baby’s heartbeat
clearly. “…and so is this little guy.”

Patrick watched the Doctor wipe off the paddle and set it to the side.  “She’s always cleaning
the apartment and walking with Sherry in the bio-sphere.  I just think that she should rest
more; that’s all.”

“She’s doing very well, Patrick.”  Dr. Spencer gave Michelle a cloth to wipe off her belly.  “It’s
good for her to walk and, as long as she isn’t doing any heavy lifting, she can clean and
work.”  Then he looked at Michelle.  “But if you feel tired or strained in any way, you should sit
or lie down and rest.”

Patrick immediately pounced on this.  “Do you hear that, darling?” He stroked her shoulder.  
“You need to take it easy once in a while.”

“Patrick.”  She softly scolded.  Michelle sighed and smiled up at her husband.  “Yes.  I hear
him.  I promise to be careful.”  This seemed to pacify him and she allowed him to help her
swing her feet over the side of the examination bed.  “Is the baby progressing properly,

Ed smiled at the couple.  “He’s a little small, but not enough to be concerned about.”

“Small?”  Michelle stopped smiling for the first time.

“He still has time to gain weight…nothing to be concerned about.”  The Doctor repeated.

“Is there something I should do?”  Michelle moved behind a divider to change back into her
tunic.  “Should I be eating differently or…?”

“No, no, you’re doing fine.”  Ed interrupted.  “With all the trouble you’ve had just to
conceive…weight is the least of that little guy’s problem.  He’s got a good strong heartbeat…”

“Not to mention a strong kick!”  Michelle giggled as she immerged from behind the screen
straightening her specially made tunic.

“He’s gonna be a football player!”  Patrick rubbed her basketball sized belly gently.  “We’ll
soon have enough boys on Alpha to start a team!”  He laughed.

“Girls can play too!”  Michelle’s indignant little voice pitched.  She smiled at Dr. Spencer.  “I
was a goalie on my collage team.”

“Sure.”  Patrick laughed.  “The girls against the boys!  That’ll be quite a game.”

Dr. Spencer chuckled.  “Well, just remember not to do anything too strenuous and everything
will be just fine.”  He rubbed Michelle’s shoulder.

The Osgoods thanked him and left Medical Center.  “Would you like to get a bite to eat
before I have to be on duty?”  Patrick lightly wrapped an arm around his wife’s back.

“I’d like that very much.”  Michelle smiled up at him.

The next few months flew by for Michelle and her routine prenatal checkups were now every
week.  She still had a little over 5 weeks till she was due.

The look on Helena’s face did not encourage the couple as Michelle lay on the examination
table having yet another ultrasound.

“Is something wrong, Dr. Russell?”  Patrick squeezed his wife’s hand.  He spoke softly and
almost stammered.  “I’ve told her to not to overdo it…to take it easy.”

“Her activities have been fine, Patrick.”  Helena’s professional and distracted, monotone
voice made the couple look at each other with concern.  “I’ve been keeping an eye on how
many hours she works and her exercise routine has been carefully monitored.”  Helena never
took her eyes off of the ultrasound monitor.

“Well, frankly Doctor,” Patrick mustered up his courage, “if everything’s all right, shouldn’t you
be making a happier face?”

Helena looked up at him, scowling.  “I am a little concerned that the baby…”

“Erik.”  Michelle interrupted.

Helena smiled at her for a moment and then looked back at Patrick; her expression again
serious.  “I’m a little concerned that Erik isn’t gaining as much weight as he should be.  It has
nothing what so ever to do with Michelle’s daily routine.  Some babies aren’t as big as
others, but Erik should be a little bigger at this stage.”

She pointed to the monitor and moved the paddle a little on Michelle’s stomach.  “Do you see

The couple craned their necks to see what she was pointing at.  “No.”  They almost spoke in

“This; right here.”  Helena leaned in and touched the monitor.

Patrick started to lean over his wife.  “You mean that little bump off of his elbow?”

Dr. Russell nodded.  “It shouldn’t be there and we’re not sure what it is.”  She sighed heavily
and removed the paddle from Michelle’s stomach.  “I won’t lie…I’m a little concerned that
what ever it is, is effecting his growth.”

Michelle squeezed her husband’s hand tighter.  “But is Erik all right?  He’s going to be all
right; isn’t he, Dr. Russell?”

Helena sighed heavily again as she put away the equipment.  “Other than that, he’s seems
fine.  He has an incredibly strong heartbeat and according to you, he’s moving around and
kicking normally.”  Helena’s scowl softened and she tried to smile.  “I’m going to take you off
duty, Michelle.  I want you to spend the rest of the pregnancy relaxing.”  She looked at
Patrick.  “She doesn’t have to be in bed, but I do want her off her feet as much as possible.”

The door to the Medical Center opened and a small voice was heard from behind the
divider.  “Mommy?”

“Behind the wall, Catie.”  Helena pushed the equipment into the corner.

Ten year old Catie Koenig’s smiling face appeared around the divider.  “Can I see the baby?”

“You just missed it.”  Helena smiled at her daughter.

“Hello, Mr. & Mrs. Osgood.”  Catie’s formal voice made the couple smile.

“Hello, Miss Koenig.”  Michelle stepped over to where she stood at the edge of the divider.  
“You missed the pictures, but maybe Erik will say hello to you his own way!”  She took the
little girl’s hand and placed it against the side of her belly.

It didn’t take long for Catie to exclaim with delight when she felt the baby kick.  “What do you
suppose he’s thinking about in there?”

Michelle looked back at her husband.  “Mr. Osgood thinks he’ll be a football player!”

“With a kick like that, he’ll be stellar!”  Catie giggled when the baby kicked again.

Helena waved Catie to her side.  “You can get changed Michelle and I want you to go straight
home and rest.”

Patrick looked apologetically at his wife as she moved behind the other screen.  She smiled
back sadly.  He had wanted Michelle to take it easier, but he hadn’t wanted an illness to force
her into it.

The next two weeks past uneventfully for the Osgoods.  Patrick worked in the catacombs
every day and came home quickly to take care of Michelle and their apartment.

Friends stopped over on a regular basis to help out or just to visit.  Meals and doctor visits
were the only walking Michelle was allowed to do.  Helena had her on a strict diet to help the
baby gain the weight it would need.

Dr. Bob Mathias made a “house call” to see how Michelle was convalescing.  She smiled at
him as the door slide aside.  “Dr. Mathias!  Dr. Russell said that you’d be coming around to
talk to me.”  She ushered him in and offered him a cup of coffee.  “It’s fresh.”

“No, thank you.”  Bob waved at her and waited for her to join him on the couch.  “So, how are
you feeling?”

Michelle chuckled at the clique question.  “Other than a touch of cabin fever, I’m fine.  I’m
more tired now than when I was allowed to walk around and work.”

“That’s normal.  Inactivity can make you just as tired as overworking your body.  Do you need
more to occupy your mind?”  Dr. Mathias asked.

“I don’t think so.  Patrick brings new disks from the library every time I’m almost finished with
the last ones and Sherry comes over to visit every day.”  Michelle pointed to the little table
behind Bob.  “And of course I have a handy deck of cards!”  They both giggled.

Michelle turned serious and looked down at her hands.  “I hate being still.  If I pick up so much
as a sock or change a pillowcase around here, Patrick clucks around like a mother hen.  ‘You
shouldn’t be bending!’  ‘You need to have your feet up!’  He’ll say.”  Michelle sighed and
looked up at Bob.  “He’s just as worried as I am.”

“You both have worked very hard and been very patient in order to have this child.”  Dr.
Mathias reached forward and pat her hand.  “You just need to be patient a little longer.”

She took his hand in hers and nodded.  “How’s Linsey?”  Michelle changed the subject.  “I
miss stopping by the classroom.”

“She’s doing quite well.”  Bob’s eyes beamed proudly.  “Her mother and I are very proud at
how hard she works at her studies and how she’s progressing.  She wants to be a doctor,
you know.”  

“I know.  I liked to go to the classroom and talk to the children about themselves.  I was
supposed to be teaching, but I just love to listen to their dreams and aspirations.”  Michelle
rubbed her belly.  “I can’t wait to hear about this one’s.”

They talked for almost two hours before Sherry arrived.  Michelle answered the door and her
friend breezed into the room with her arms full.  “Wait till you see what I found!  Oh!  I’m
sorry!”  She stopped and put the boxes down on the table.  “I didn’t know that you had
company.  How are you Dr. Mathias?”

“I’m doing quite well, thank you.”  Bob shook her offered hand.  “It’s quite all right.  I was about
to head out myself.”  He stepped to the door and took Michelle’s hand.  “I’ll come back
another time and if you need to talk in between then, feel free to call.”

Michelle smiled and thanked him as he left.  She immediately turned to her friend.  “What’s in
the boxes?”

“I have no idea why I brought these up here, but I found them behind my suitcases last night.”  
She opened up each box as she talked.  “I was looking for my racquet and I found these just
sitting there!  They belonged to my sister.  I guess I wanted to bring them along to remember
her by, and maybe I was hoping that I’d need them someday!”

Sherry pulled clothes out of the boxes and the sent of lilacs filled the air.  One was a mousey
colored, mid-sleeve, off the shoulder top of thin velour with an Indian bead design on the
front.  She handed it to Michelle as she opened the next one.

“They’re all maternity clothes!”  Sherry pulled out a soft blue A-line casual dress and draped it
over the chair.  The next box held a matching brown skirt for the top.  It had an elastic waist
and a ruffled hem decorated in more Indian beads.

“Oh! They’re beautiful!”  Michelle gushed and held up each one to herself in turn.  “But you’ve
never been pregnant, have you?”

“My goodness, no!”  Sherry waved at her.  “My sister wore these when she had my niece.”

“Why’d she give them to you?  A little wishful thinking, perhaps?”  Michelle picked up the
dress and checked for a size.

“No.  She and the baby died in a car accident a year after she was born.”  Sherry opened one
last box.  “She loved these clothes.  I almost had her buried in them, but I wanted something
she loved close to me, too, so I took these.”  She pulled out two matching pairs of
moccasins.  One for an adult and one for an infant.

“Oh, Sherry.”  Michelle placed a hand on her stomach.  “That sister?  Are you sure?”  She
fingered the beadwork on the infant moccasins.

“Oh, yes!”  Sherry smiled at her friend.  “She would have loved it.  After all that you’ve been
through trying to conceive Erik and then carrying him to term; she’d have wanted it this way.”

“Okay, but this is just a loan.”  Michelle moved to the closet and got some hangers.  “As soon
as I’m back into my old clothes again, they go right back to you for your pregnancy.”

Sherry laughed loudly.  “I’m not even seeing anyone seriously and you’re trying to get me

“Still; as soon as I don’t need them anymore, they go right back to their rightful owner.  
Deal?”  Michelle began to hang the clothes in the closet.

Sherry replaced the moccasins in the box.  “Deal.  Hey, try them on!”  She shoved the dress
at her friend.

“Right now?”  Michelle protested weakly as she was being steered toward the bathroom.  
“But Patrick will be home soon.”

“All the more reason!  Show him that you may be pregnant, but you’re still sexy!”  Sherry

“Patrick thinks that anyway.”  Michelle smiled wryly.  “Okay, give me a moment.”  She shut the
door and looked around for a safe place to lay the dress while she changed.

Michelle immerged to find Patrick home and all of the boxes picked up and put away.  Sherry
beamed at her but spoke to Patrick.  “What did I tell you…isn’t she the absolute picture of

“You look beautiful, Darling.”  Patrick took her hand and sat her in a straight back chair.  “You
should wear this to dinner.”

“Oh, Patrick, I couldn’t!”  She nearly stood up.  “What if I should get something on it?  I’d never
forgive myself.”

“Don’t worry about that!”  Sherry chided.  “You look gorgeous and you should show it off!”

“Dr. Russell gave me permission to take you for a short walk tonight.”  Patrick stroked her
head lovingly.

“Oh, really?”  Michelle looked at her husband with tears threatening to burst.  “That would be
wonderful!  Where shall we go?”

“I’ve got it all planned out.  You just need to enjoy yourself.”  Patrick grabbed a change of
clothes and headed for the bathroom.  “I’ll be out in a minute and we’ll go to dinner first.”

Michelle nodded her agreement and turned to her friend as soon as the door closed.  “Oh,
Sherry, thank you so much!”  She stood and gave her friend a quick hug.

“I’m gonna run along now.  You have a good time and I’ll see you later.”  Sherry waved at her
as the door opened.

Patrick stepped out of the bathroom in casual slacks and a polo shirt.  He took Michelle’s
hand and draped it over his arm as he led her out the door.

They were constantly greeted by co-workers and well-wishers as they went to the cafeteria
and while they ate.  Several women complimented Michelle on her new dress; asking where
she’d acquired it.

At one point Michelle looked around sadly.  Patrick leaned forward and touched her arm.  “Is
everything all right?”

“Yes, I was just hoping that Carol would be here.  This is about the time she has dinner and I
wanted to show her the dress.”  Michelle lamented.

“Maybe you’ll see her later.”  Patrick consoled her.  This seemed to pacify her and they
enjoyed the rest of their meal.

Patrick and Michelle left the cafeteria laughing and talking as they walked the halls of Alpha.  
Finally Michelle looked around herself.  “Why are we in this section?  This is Sherry’s

The couple stopped and Patrick rang the bell.  The door opened and shouts of ‘Surprise!’
bombarded them.  Michelle put her hand to her mouth and nearly cried as she was led
inside.  Patrick kissed her on the cheek and told her call him when she was ready to leave
and he’d be back to see her home.

All of her female friends and co-workers stood around the one room apartment clapping and
cheering as she was led to her seat under a large handmade ‘New Baby’ banner.  Two of the
women put Hawaiian lays around Michelle’s neck and she murmured ‘thank you’ to them as a
couple of happy tears slipped down her cheek.

Not long after she was settled, Helena Russell showed up with a tissue wrapped present in
her hand.  She was only going to drop the gift off and leave again, but the women convinced
her to stay.

The women played word games and everyone guessed how many inches Michelle’s belly
was around to win prizes.  They also played memory games with baby-care products on a
tray that Sherry had hid in the bathroom.  

Michelle laughed and cried as she opened the gifts that the women brought.  She received
almost everything she’d need, from homemade quilts and baby clothes, to hand-me-down
feeding bowls and sippy cups.  Each present that Michelle opened, Sherry put the ribbon or
the bow on a light plastic disk that, at the end of the party, was placed on Michelle’s head.  
Sherry then set the timer on her digital camera while all the women gathered round Michelle
and had their picture taken.

The party broke up slowly.  Each of the women gave Michelle a hug and congratulated her
before they moved on to Sherry and thanked her for a fun evening.  Michelle’s friend Carol
was the last to leave.  She hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear.  “Get right home now
and get yourself plenty of rest tonight.”  She wiped away a stray tear before approaching
Sherry at the door.

Michelle waved goodbye to her friend before standing and going to the Commpost to call
Patrick.  When she ended her transmission, she turned back to Sherry and gave her a hug.  
“Thank you so much!  I had a wonderful time this evening.  You’re a great friend, Sherry.”

She hugged Michelle back tightly.  “No problem, kid-o!  What are best friends for?”  She
released her and, moving to the closet, pulled out a small trolley.  “You’d better sit down.  
Patrick will be here soon and he’ll have my head if he sees you up walking around.”  Both
women giggled at the truth of Sherry’s statement.

The two women chit-chat while Sherry but Michelle’s presents on the trolley.  “That woman
amazes me.  She can be so hard nosed and unmoving professionally and then turn around
and make something so delicate and beautiful!”  Sherry picked up Helena’s gift; a brightly
colored ceramic mobile of birds and butterflies under a big fluffy cloud; and set it delicately on
the tissue paper it came in before placing it on the trolley.

“I know, but she means well and she has a good heart.”  Michelle defended the doctor.  
“She's worked so hard to help us conceive and then shows up here with yet another gift.”

“I guess that’s what makes her a great doctor!”  Sherry shrugged and collected the leftover
boxes and papers.

The buzzer sounded suddenly and Sherry waved Michelle back into the chair as she started
to rise.  “That’s Patrick…I’ll get it!”

Patrick breezed in all smiles and kissed his wife on the cheek as he placed one hand on her
swollen belly.  “How are you feeling?  Did you have fun?”

“Oh, yes!”  Michelle stood and indicated the trolley.  “Look at all the wonderful gifts!”  Patrick
poked around them mumbling his admiration.

“Well, you’d better get her home.”  Sherry announced.  “If she stays here any longer, I’ll keep
her for myself!”

The couple laughed at this and Patrick took his wife’s hand and pulled her gently toward the
door.  “In that case, I had better away with my prize before it is purloined.”  He joked.

"I'll bring the trolley around tomorrow and help you organize all of this."  Sherry hugged her
friend and closed the door after the couple.  She turned around slowly with one hand on her
hip, the other on her head and she let out a loud sigh.  "Time to pick it all up!"

Michelle awoke with a start.  She turned her head and looked at the clock.  3:00am.  “Great.”  
She thought as she threw back the covers.  “Just my luck that he’s hungry.”  She slipped on
her slippers and shuffled to the bathroom.  “Guess I’d better get used to it sooner or later.”  
She mumbled as she turned on the light and stepped inside.

Inhaling sharply, Michelle suddenly grabbed the door casing and put a hand under her
stomach.  Her breath caught in her throat as another wave of pain hit just as the last one

Before she could catch her breath again she felt her water break and puddle at her feet.  
Michelle inhaled sharply again; this time in fear; and called out to Patrick.

Her husband jumped straight up and looked across the room at his vertically immobile wife.  
Without hesitating, Patrick jumped from the bed and helped ease her down to a sitting
position on the floor.

He raced across the room and hit the emergency medical button on the Commpost before
returning with a blanket to throw over her legs.

Michelle grabbed Patrick’s top and tears streamed down her cheeks.  “It’s too soon!”  
Another pain hit her and she grit her teeth.

“I know.  I know.”  He said soothingly and rubbed her head.

Dr. Ed Spencer arrived at the couple’s apartment with two nurses and a gurney.  They lifted
Michelle onto the gurney and raced her back to the nearest Medical Center.  She continued
to repeat 'It's too soon!' even as the nurses helped her out of her night clothes.

Patrick donned a gown and stayed near Michelle's head as they'd been taught.  "Breath,
Darling."  He took a cloth from a nurse and dabbed her forehead.

Michelle spoke through gritted teeth as she clutched at his shoulder and pulled him closer to
her.  "Patrick, I'm scared!  It's too soon!"

"I know, Darling."  Patrick untangled her fingers from his gown and tried to get his wife to
relax as much as possible.  "Breath, Michelle.  Like Dr. Russell taught us."  He imitated the
lamas breathing.

Dr. Spencer had dressed and was examining her when Helena arrived.  "What's
happening?"  A nurse held out a gown for her.

"She's fully dilated and ready to go."  Ed raised a worried eyebrow.

"It's too soon, Dr. Russell!"  Michelle cried.

"I know, Michelle, but Erik has decided that he's ready to meet you face to face."  She spoke
softly and smiled at the woman.  "Now...remember what we learned?  Breath through the

Dr. Spencer moved aside so that Helena could examine Michelle.  She looked back up at
him with concern and surprise.  Ed nodded to her and moved to prep any instruments they
might need.

Helena smiled up at Michelle and Patrick.  "Okay.  Everything looks fine, Michelle.  Your body
is in perfect sync with the baby.  This looks like it's going to happen very quickly," Helena
nodded at her staff, "so, remember your breathing and don't push unless I tell you to. All

Michelle nodded her agreement and did as she was told.

Helena put on her surgical gloves and sat on the low stool at the foot of the birthing chair.  
“Okay, Michelle, as soon as you feel the urge to push, you go right ahead and do it.”

Michelle nodded and within a couple of second she took a deep breath.  “Now!”

Patrick held his breath while his wife leaned forward and tried to push her child out.  It felt like
an eternity before she stopped and fell back into the chair.  He dabbed at her brow again,
never once letting go of her hand.

Helena reached up and pushed gently on the top of Michelle’s stomach.  “You’re doing great,
Michelle.”  Just as she spoke Michelle leaned forward again as a new contraction hit her.

Patrick put his hand on her back and spoke encouragingly.  “That’s it, Darling.  Keep
pushing.  Good, girl.”

It passed and Michelle leaned back again.  Helena looked up at her smiling.  “One more,
Michelle and his whole head will be out!”

The next contraction did exactly that and Michelle leaned back in the chair, panting.  “I can’t
do this.”

“You’re doing fine, Darling.”  Patrick wiped her forehead again.  She got paler with each
effort and it was starting to scare him.  He pushed away the memories of her illness so many
years ago and concentrated on their present task.

“Michelle,” Helena looked up at her seriously, “I have to turn the baby’s shoulders and make
an episiotomy, so don’t push.”  She reached a bloody glove to Ed, who handed her a tiny
scalpel.  “You might feel a pinch, but it’s all right.”  She put her head down again and another
contraction overcame Michelle.

She and Patrick did the lamas breathing and waited for the go ahead to push.

“Don’t push just yet.”  Helena’s distracted voice called up.  A couple more agonizing minutes
and she finally gave her consent.  “Okay, Michelle!  Whenever you’re ready!”  She smiled up
at the woman.

Michelle leaned forward and pushed with all her might.  When it had passed she leaned back
only for a moment, when she was pulled forward again by another one.  She leaned back in
her chair weeping softly.

Patrick wiped her forehead and gave her a quick kiss on her sweaty cheek.  “You’re doing
splendidly, Darling.  Not much longer now.”

She suddenly leaned forward again and grit her teeth; the vains in her neck standing out.  Her
loud cry echoed around the room.  When it subsided the room fell silent for only a moment
before an echo of the Osgood’s baby boy resounded around the room.

Michelle cried openly with happiness at the healthy sound of her baby.  Dr. Russell held him
up for the proud parents to see before cutting the cord and placing him in Michelle’s eager

“He’s beautiful and perfect!”  Helena smiled delightedly.

Michelle looked up at the doctors and nurses smiling.  “Thank you.”  She looked down at her
child and kissed his forehead.  One of the nurses reached out to take the child so that he
could be cleaned and examined when Michelle suddenly screwed up her face and leaned
forward quickly.  “Doctor!  Something’s wrong!”

The nurse grabbed the child and took it away as Helen sat back down onto the stool quickly.  
“Ed.”  Helena called the Doctor away from his paperwork.

Dr. Spencer stepped up to her side and his mouth opened in astonishment.  “How…?”

“Did you ever see anything?”  Helena glanced up at him.

“No. Never.”  Ed moved to the tray of instruments and prepared to hand Helena whatever she
might need.

“Okay.  Michelle, I need you to push again.”  Helena looked up at the woman.

“What’s going on?  What’s wrong?”  Michelle breathed heavily and fresh beads of sweat
formed on her brow.

“Everything is fine.  It’s just a pleasant surprise to all of us.”  She smiled up at her.

Michelle pushed on the contraction as Helena explained.  “It seems that Erik has been
keeping secrets from us.  He’s been hiding a sibling!”  Helena nearly giggled as the baby’s
head appeared and she prepared to turn the shoulders.  “Don’t push, Michelle, let me turn it.”

“How did this happen?”  Patrick watched with confusion as he breathed with his wife.

Helena smiled as she concentrated on mother and child.  “This little one was hiding behind
it's brother.  It’s rare that we didn’t see something in all of the ultrasounds we did, but it is
possible!”  She shook her head in disbelief.  “Push, Michelle!”

Michelle sat forward and did as she was told.  When it passed she lay back in the chair and
breathed heavily, obviously exhausted.  Patrick wiped her forehead and talked to her sweetly
and quietly.  “Just think, two for the price of one.  You’re amazing, my love.”  He kissed her

“Okay, Michelle, I need you to push one more time.”  Helena looked up at her.

“I can’t.”  Michelle chocked out.

“Yes, you can.”  Helena nearly stood up.  “Just one more and Erik’s little brother or sister will
be all the way here.  You can do this, Michelle.  Ready?  Push!”

Patrick put his arm around the back of his wife’s neck and helped her sit forward as she
made one more attempt to finish bringing her other child into the world.

With great effort Michelle gave a last hardy push and Helena eased the child out and placed
it on the towel that the nurse held out.  “Oh, Michelle,” Helena cooed as she cut the cord, “It’s
another boy!  He’s beautiful!”

The nurse attempted to allow Michelle to hold it, but she was too weak to hold the child
properly.  Patrick took him from her and, placing the child on his wife’s chest, held him for
her.  “We’ll have to think of another name.  We didn’t even dream of being able to have more
than one.”  Patrick allowed tears of joy to spill down his cheeks.

Michelle burst into tears again herself.  “I want to kiss him.”  She spoke softly.  Patrick held
their second son up to her lips and she kissed his forehead.  He then handed him over to the
waiting nurse to be cleaned and examined as well.

“Congratulations.”  Helena removed her gloves after stitching up the episiotomy.  “That’s the
reason Erik didn’t get as big as he was supposed to…he was sharing with his brother.”  She
took off her surgical gown and placed them in the bin.  “We’ll move you to a bed in the nursery
in a moment.  Rest and relax for now.  You’ve done a wonderful job.”  She moved to the other
side of the room to check on the babies and to help Ed put everything back in order.

Helena left the Medical Center and returned to her office with the Osgood twins’ medical
forms in hand.  When she arrived, she immediately sat down at her desk and logged onto her
computer.  She posted a message to every commpost and comlock on Alpha.

To all of Moonbase Alpha~ Michelle and Patrick Osgood became the proud parents of Alpha’
s very first set of twins!
Erik Osgood was born at 5:37am.
Followed by his brother (as yet unnamed) at 5:45am.
Michelle will be allowed visitors today at 12:00pm in the nursery on level H Medical Center.
Congratulations to them both!
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