The Sound Of Music
Family Players or Northeast NY
All the Pretty Nuns all in a Row
We stood in the back of the theatre and sang
the opening in Latin.  It was beautiful and the
audience was awe struck with the sound
suddenly coming from behind.  I'm the short
one, 5th from the left
Listening to the VonTrapp Children
I quickly change costumes and become a party
guest at the VonTrapp home.  My partner and I
listen to the children singing
So Long, Farwell.  
I'm the one on the end, in green.
Good Night!
Waving goodnight to the children as they
head off to bed, since children are not
allowed at these adult partys!
What is your Title?
Heir Zeller questions Max as to his
authority to speak on the VonTrapp's
One year later, Heir Zeller (left) became my
partner in life as well as on the stage in
The Music Man.
The Lonely Goatherd
The children's choir sang The Lonely
for the finale at the festival.  I
know, there wasn't any children's choir at
the festival, but we wanted our kids to be a
part of this.  My daughter is the one on the
far right in red.
These pictures were take backstage by
Mary Lou Samaha (or her camera)
This is Keith Searles (Heir Zeller),
Mary Lou Samaha (a nun) and Don
Squire (Franz)
I burrowed Mary Lou's second
costume (Fraulein Schweiger) to see
how it fit!
Dana Wojcik, myself and my daugher
Catherine make a fine looking
Austrian family