The Glove Theatre
The Sound of Music
This is the Summer 2006 cast in Gloversville.
This show was a large mix of local and professional performers.
The hills are alive with the sound of music!
These are a few of my favorite things!
The Captain is expecting the new staff member to
behave like his current ones.
The Captain introduces his children & then
leaves them to get to know Maria
Maria teaches the children to
Leisl & Rowlf spend some quality time.
The thunderstorm causes the
children to find themselves in
Maria's room.
How can love survive!
Maria teaches the children to have fun,
but is disciplined for her efforts.
The party is the big event of the
So long, farewell....
Maria runs back to the convent
for protection.
The Children are sad and confused by
Maria's disappearance.
....until she returns to care for them.
Max and Elsa explain to Georg that
"there's no way to stop it"!
First comes love.....

.....then comes marriage!!
While they're on their honeymoon, the
Gauleiter arrives to find out why the Nazi
flag's not hung.
Heil, Hitler!
Everyone warns the family of the impending
events that will change their lives.
Kaltzburg Folk Festival
The Von Trapp family flee Austria with the
help of the Reverend Mother and the Nuns.
See the Sound of Music
video with some behind the
scenes pictures.
The cast of The Sound of Music