The Glove Theatre
proudly presents
Singing in the Rain
This show gave us our very first opportunity to work with professional Directors.  Some of the young people seen in
these pictures came from all over the US.  They were wonderful and talented people that we learned alot from and
were proud that they let us onto their stage and into their lives for the Summer!
This is me with Joe who played Dexter the Gay Director!  
(his title, not the shows)
Here we are....together again!
Dora Bailey the famous radio announcer
and R.F. Simpson, The Producer!
Our lead dancer and dance captain, Danielle, gave our young local
boys (Matthew playing young Don and Austin playing young Cosmo) a
little something extra to look at!
This is me with Mishi, who played Don, Rachel,who
played Lena and Peter, who played Cosmo.  These
were our Stars of the show.
Cassie played Kathy.  Don tries to woo her by using some
fans (other resident actors) on the street to back up his
There's Keith (second from the left) with some of the
young resident company
Our lead dancer Danielle and our Costumer Donald, tango for the
party guests.
Kathryn played Olga, the silent pictures femme fatale.  Keith
talks to Rachel about the vigorous dancer he's hired for his
Premiere Party!
Charlene, Katrina, myself and Kathryn, gossip about the way
Don has arrived at the Premiere Party!
Keith and I have a few words before he returns to his
OTHER famous guests.
A pie in the face by a rival is never a good thing!!
Simpson announces his big plans for the
future~~Talking Pictures!!
Simpson stops the movie to announce the arrival of the first
talking movie in Hollywood.
Cosmo tells Don that his father always taught him to
Make Them Laugh!
Simpson hires Kathy for his new "talkies" on the advise
of his new director (played by Mark).
Simpson Productions' first talking picture! Josh sings to the
Beautiful Girls!
Don serenades Kathy again.....this time with her
R.F.Simpson reminds the new director that "he's the head
of the studio....but no one's to tell Lina Lamont about
hiring Kathy!"
With the "talkies" in Hollywood, the Stars are forced to take voice lessons from
Tiffany and Donald before going on film!!
Dexter sets the mood for Lena's big scene in her first talking
picture.  He explains that her microphone is hidden in the bush.
As Dexter's assistant, it was my job to make sure that his
water and aspirin were always at the ready.  Mark now works
as sound board operator.
The crew of the film look on as Dexter once again explains that the microphone has now
been moved to her chest and that she must "speak into the mic!!  Okay?"  To which she
responds by putting her mouth next to the flower and whispering "okay".
Frustration has caught up to Dexter (which is more than I
can do) and he shuts down the filming for the day!
After a successful night of brainstorming, Cosmo,
Kathy and Don sing
Good Morning before calling it a
Dexter's frightened to know what'll
happen if Lena finds out!!
Cosmo pitches the idea of Kathy doing the voice-over for Lena
in the new movie.
Later, at her home, Lena asks the question...What's the Matter With
Zelda (played by Jamie) shows Lena that Don's been
cheating on her with Kathy!
Cosmo explains to R.F. that what the movie needs is "a flash
See the FLASH VIDEO of
the play
Dora announces the "All Singing...All Dancing...
ALL TALKING!! New Lockwood and Lamont
Lena threatens Simpson with the facts of her
contract so that her rival Kathy will never be
Simpson couldn't be happier with the revues of the
new Lockwood/Lamont movie.
Don and Lena take the stage!  and the audience hears her
REAL voice for the first time!
Singing...just Singing in the Rain!