Rehearsals for
Ragtime: The Musical
Once again, feel free to copy anything from here!
Dancing their little
hearts out!
They really look like
they're beating each
other ...don't they!!
Leanna works herself to
distraction as Sarah!                    
James was brilliant as
Coalhouse Walker!
DeLynn steps in again as Coalhouse.
Swing Time!
This moment was a very
powerful time during
rehearsals.  We wish the
quality of this picture had
been better.--->>
We all worked very hard, but it was
well worth it!
She's so cute when she's
asleep!   (Just kidding!)
We lost Adam due to a
leg injury.       --->>
Little Sam steps in as 'Grandfather'
being "thoroughly irritated by
everything.         --->>
Our techies stepped in to double
as fireman/thugs for the car
Tyler!!  I told you not
to get in the middle
of them!!   <<---
This is Ernie's (doll) contribution to the
show...playing Coalhouse III.  We were a little
sad that he couldn't be in the actual show... he
was, after all, bi-lingual!
This is my big
scene!  My fists
are up because I'm
supposed to hit
Eric with a broom
or something!  <<---
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