Ragtime:The Musical
Feel free to copy these for yourself!
We started rehearsing at Sand Creek
Middle School in February 2004
This was a little early for us, but the
music was extensive.
The pictures here will be random
(mostly alphabetical) But then,
nothing was rehearsed in order (most
of us are used to that) anyway!
We did some excerpts of the show
for benefits....and (we admit) to
get the show some extra publicity.
We worked on our charactorizations
for each scene.  Even if we didn't
have an official name.
The people at Teresian House to
let us rehearse in their
"ballroom" when we couldn't get
into the school.
What a Game HAD to be
everyones favorite scene in the
entire play!
<<--- Our director, DeLynn
occationally "stood in" as an actor so
that we could see our blocking.
<<--- This was Laura Mele's second
show with Family Players.  She had
also played "Monkey" the King's
youngest daughter in "The King and I"
three year earlier.
When your partner's not there,
you're just forced to dance alone!
We had an amazing and remarkable
The immigrants arrive in America!!
We all helped out!  If someone
couldn't be there someone else who
knew the role would simply "step
Those in New Rochelle
speak up!  Yes, it's a
wonderful life!
The Harlem cast was always a joy to
watch.  They were truely amazing
and talented people!
Doing the Wave!!
What was that you say?
The ever watchful eye of our
esteemed Director!  --->>
It was hard on the knees, but
'Henry Ford' was one of the
"cool" dances that we didn't
mind rehearsing several times.
<<--- What a jump!  Bonnie went
from Miss Hannigan in "Annie" to
Emma Goldman in "Ragtime".
Sean was a amazing as Harry
Houdini.         ------->>
<<--- An immigrant family waits
excitedly for the gates to open!
Cowaring before J.P.
Morgan (aka Keith)!
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