Ragtime: The Musical
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One- that my car be returned...
Somewhere in the city...
...There's a madman
He Demands!  He
Three firemen were killed.
He even misspelled
my name.
He can't take a joke,
now can he?
look what you got us into!
Get out of town Will,
before they kill us all!
I have lived in
Not one of ours.
Never heard of him.
What they did
to you...
Standing in the shadows...
Let's go, you sons-a-bitches!
Take your head out...mmmm
At Harvard, we were gentlemen
It's Braves and Giants
2 to 2!
Makes a man hit like hell.
I Got It!  I Caught the Ball!
What a Game!!
Where every man is treated the same!
Let's feel the wind in our hair.
Train's gonna take us to the sunniest
Troubles will slide away...Just a ride away.
Ret's run away to Atlantic City.
Houdini's daring
Lady friend of
Stanford White.
Miss Nesbit do four shows
a day.
And up in the sky there's a
grand New Jersey moon.
Let's all run away.
If Miss Nesbit stops looking
at the camera.
No one will find us.....
Take five, while your director
has a nervous breakdown!
And I'm Buffalo Nickel Photoplay, Inc!
Well, people seem to like it,
soon the money's going CLINK!
Finding treasure in the sand.
See them running down the beach.
Was I smart I'd walk right out
those doors.
Nothin' for it but a Ragtime
I'm Coalhouse.
I know.
Come lets dance.
Two men finding for a moment
in the darkness.
What is it you want?
I... I want to... I know that if...
This I do for you and for Sarah
who lies in her grave...
I will not give up the child
to anyone except Mr. Walker.
You'd sail away, while I
turned my back to the sea.
Everything will be fine,
We can never go back
to before.
Let the new day dawn, oh Lord, I pray!
Who the hell are you?  You sent for me.
Are you gonna let me be a
He is restoring your car.  
Will you come out, sir?
To these wild, unthinking youths.
I am their mediator, sir, not their fool.
Think of your son.
When they hear you, I'll be near you again!
In our struggle, we were not the
only ones.
How justice was our battle.
La, La, La La La
This time she would be deported
as well.
At last...  peace and quiet!
And among them,
Tateh had an idea for a movie.
White, Black, Christian,
Jew, Rich, Poor....all kinds!
They felt blessed.
He will ride... Our son will ride... On the wheels of a dream!
I see his face.
I hear his heartbeat.
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