Ragtime: The Musical
Act I ~
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Mother often told herself
how fortunate she was
In Harlem, men and women of color danced and reveled to
the music of Coalhouse Walker
Father was well
off!  Very well off!
In 1902 Father built a house at the crest of the
Broad view Ave. hill in New Rochelle!
The little girl was all he had now.   Together
they would escape!
Harry Houdini was
headliner on the top
vaudeville curcuit
Like Pharoh's incarnate stood
JP Morgan, and Henry Ford!
LA!  LA!  LA LA!  BANG!  LA LA!  
The people called it Ragtime!
A salute to the man on
the deck of that ship.
Nothing much happens
in a year.
What's that in the distance?
Not too many polar
bear skins.
Goodbye, my Love!
You depart on a ship
from a country like this.
Is that man going home?
This is my Father, he
speaks for both of us.
Well...perhaps you're a man who's on search of his past.
Journey On!
As you go journing...
And now I'm the girl
on the Swing.
OH!  OH!
Harry's a jealous man!
I was once the lady friend of
Stanford White...
And it's the crime of the Century...
Could you please repeat
that for the press!
And now she's the girl on
the swing!
...crime of the Century!  Giving the world a thrill!
Is it alive?  Oh, please
God, let it be.
She's a washwoman
there.  Her name is Sarah.
But here you could start with less and
make a success!!
You are barking up the
wrong tree, Mrs. Goldman.
Here in America anyone at all can succeed!
Look at the silhouettes here in the tenements.
Bent over Sewing, or Dancing or Arguing
Thousands of stories to tell!
I'm JP Morgan my friends.
If you're trapped and
failure seems imminent...
Without art, what is our
existence but chaos?
And little one...
we will find it!
His name was Coalhouse Walker.
Was native of St. Louis some years before.
Ya gotta find your girl, Coalhouse,
and win her back!
Mass prodution will sweep
the nation.
See my people?  Well,
here's my theory.
And one man reaches to pull one
cord.  Car keeps moving in one
Hallelujah!  Praise the
maker of the Model-T.
Even people who ain't too clever...
A simple motion, the
world's reward.
He's still staring!
Never mind.
Then your Father should
have stayed home...
That's children, isn't it?
Isn't it?
Forgive me.
You were your daddy's son.
Daddy played piano,
played it very well.
That, gentlemen, is a man to be pitied.
Good day, Gentleman.
I'm looking for a
woman...named Sarah.
You have a visiter; a
Mr. Walker
That's the most words you've spoken
since you've been here.
It must be a long drive for you
Short pants are for
little boys!
Won't you play something
for us?
This is called...RAGTIME.
Oh, Holy Mother,
it's the Master!
How long has this been going on?
Haunting me and somehow
taunting me.
His fingers stroked those keys.
Sarah, come down
to me!
You and your music, singing deep
in me.
Just like that tune,
simple and clear...
Changing the world.
New Music!
I'll hear it forever more!
Calling my heart
to you...
Our son will ride on the
Wheels of a Dream.
When he is old enough,
I'll show him America!
He thought he heard her say.
This is not the America he came here
for!  None of us did!
It was winter in New York...
He looked like his own
daughter's grandfather
Poor young rich boy!
Poor young bourgeois!
What a waste of a fiery heart!
His head was spinning!
The night that Goldman spoke at
Union Square
I have tried to find some meaning!
I hate you, goddamned America!
This is you on skates,
turning pretty figure eights.
Shhhh.  Don't cry.
Don't be afraid.
Let's roll her into the pond and
see if she floats!
Sarah, go down the road and wait.
If anyone touches my car before I return...
...and out of this very resistance to wrong, out of the
struggle against odds, they have gained strength.
--Booker T. Washington
So many roads to justice around the bend.
The law's the law.
The law's been broken.
Coalhouse, yes,
you'll have your due.
I'm still tracing your first
On behalf of Coalhouse Walker.
But president, he
needs your help.
She's got a gun!
I saw a gun!
She had life in her...
Till we reach that day.
Lord, she had my baby!
There's a day of
We'll never get to heaven, till
we reach that day.
A day of justice, we have been denied.
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