This is the same theatre
group that we performed
'Cinderella' with.  They
are a great bunch of people
that work hard to make
"the wee littl' ones happy"!
Puss finds the Ogre's dog's (Anita Rose-
Schermerhorn) one weakness!
The coachman (David Goodrich)
and Princess Pam (Sarah Sutliff)
meet Puss (Luke Striffler)
Puss explains the plan to The Cook (John
Sutliff) and Dog and the other prisoners
The Great Ogre's dog agrees to help
Puss free the prisoners!
Luke signs autographs for the
appreciative audience
Even the big kids enjoyed the show!
The Great Ogre (Patrick Schermerhorn) and
his faithful Dog sign autographs!
Lisa Gallo(far left), The Director congratulates her
actors on a job well done! (l-r) Tiffany Gallo
(Rosalind), Anita Rose-Schermerhorn (Dog),
Andrew Fox (Tom) and Ralph Rothacker (Bear).
The Family that "Plays" together, stays together!
Dante Del Giacco (Prisoner), Anita
Rose-Schermerhorn (Dog) and Patrick
Schermerhorn (The Great Ogre)