The Glove Theatre presents
Merideth Willson's
The Music Man
So, here we are, together at last!
Keith (Marcellus) and Trish (Ethal)
The Pick-a-Little Ladies
(l-r Melissa,Patricia,Mary,Charlene,Gena,Trish)
The Quartet in Blue
(l-r Heath,Glen,Rinaldo,Jim)
The towns people gather (and argue) for
the 4th of July celebration
The "young men" of the River City Moving Co.
Catie and Kelsey
My little girls' theatre family.
Suzanne and John
Dancing the Shipoopi!
This is my sweety singing about
his "Shipoopi"
Rehearsing the pick-a-little ladies
acceptence of Marian the Librarian
"You can't win her yet...Shipoopi!!"
Backstage Crew of
The Music Man
The full cast of The Music Man