Chandler's drag-queen father:
Charles Bing/Helena Handbasket
"The One With Chandler's
"The One With Chandler and
Monica's Wedding Parts 1+2"
Helena: [singing] I feel pretty, oh so pretty.
I feel pretty, and witty, and...
The Audience: GAY!!
Helena: I see we have a few
regulars in the audience... and a few
Monica: Oh, much better, you're
invisible now.
Helena: Oh, look a standing
ovation already! So early in the
show. Well, turn around, darling,
let me see your pretty face.
Helena: Where are you from,

Monica: Um... New York.

Helena: I'm not very fond of New
Queens I like!
Helena: Look at this sparkle! Honey!!
Chandler: Actually, Monica and I are
getting married.


Helena: I see. Well... I wish you both a
lifetime of happiness.
Helena: So, you're bald.
Chandler: Wait a minute! We would
love for you to come.
Helena: Really?
Chandler: I know it would really
make me happy...

Helena: Then I wouldn't miss it for
the world.
Helena: [singing] It's raining men!!
Helena: Hello all!

Chandler: Hi... Dad.
Helena: Nora!
Nora: Charles!
Helena: I think we may be seeing a
little too much of some people.
Aren't you a little old to be wearing
a dress like that?

Nora: Don't you have a little too
penis to be wearing a dress
like that?
Phoebe: So... you two were
married. What happened, did you
drift apart?
Helena: Do you remember our

Nora: Yes. I slept with the Best Man.
Helena: I know. He told me. At least
I think that's what he said. It was
hard to understand him with his
legs wrapped around my head.
Ross: Hi everybody!
[Helena strokes his arm]
Ross: Chandler an I are playing
hide-and-go-seek. Do you know
where he is.

Ross' Father: You can't ask us,
son. That's cheating.

Ross: Right. Thanks for keeping
me honest, dad.
Chandler: You look beautiful, Mom.
[Helena clears her throat loudly]
You look beautiful too, Dad.
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