One of the few, but fun, children's movies that Ms. Turner began doing. Playing Claudia, the Evil
Witch, once a Fairy Godmother but stripped of her wand, there are times when it's hard to be
frightened of her. She's more part of the on going comedy than the fear factor. This movie, however,
is a little more unique. For a Kathleen Turner fan the entire piece near the end at her castle is well
worth the video rental price! First off, she has the most gorgeous dresses throughout the whole of
the movie! But near the end the film makers are visually teasing Ms. Turner with her own past
movies. She has a line after she casts a spell on Martin Short, "Men have always been putty in my
hands!" Well, they have, haven't they!! And the chandelier hanging just past the grand staircase is
identical to the chandelier where she and Michael Douglas spent they're final moments in War Of The
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