Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
This is the second show that we did this summer.  The young people that we played
opposite never knew the meaning of quit until we ALL had it right.  It was wonderful!!
He and the Narrator (Beth) tells the
Children's choir that "Any Dream Will Do."
Donald was the best Joseph that
I've personally ever seen.
Jacob (Keith) was the father of a whole new nation! (that's me
next to him in the white and tan)
We all "scooch" in to have a family portrait taken by Beth!
Joseph's brother can't believe the attention their father gives
to him and not them!
The brothers inspect Joseph's new coat!
Joseph tells his brothers his dreams of his success.  The
woman's ensemble "acts out" the dreams.
Joseph shows off his "Coat of Many Colors"!
Joseph's 11 brothers' jealousy gets the best of them and they plot against him.
The brothers attack Joseph, tear his coat to make it look like an accident...then they
sell him to the Ishmelites.
The brothers now go and tell their father the lie that "There's One More
Angel in Heaven".
The wives lament over Joseph's death to help out the
brother's story.
It just seems wrong that they were celebrating so soon after!!
Joseph was then sold off to Potophar (Keith) for whom he
worked very hard.
"She (Danielle) was beautiful, but Evil!"
She's highly attracted to the young slave and seduces him for her own pleasures!
He tries to run, but she's there at every turn!!
BUSTED!!  Caught by Potophar, Joseph will be
He is jailed for a crime he didn't really commit!
Accused and alone, Joseph must pay the price!
The Butler (Joe) and the Baker (Zech) seek Joseph's
help with their problematic dreams.
Go, go, go, Joseph!  You know what they say!  Go, go, go, Joseph!  You'll make it someday!
Sha-la-la, Joseph! You're doing fine!  

You and your dream are ahead of their times!
The Butler has been reinstated to his position and
now brings Joseph before Pharoah!
"When seven fat cows came up outta the
Nile!  A-hu-hu!"
"The thin ones ate the fat ones...that was strange!"
Pharoah decides that Joseph will be the one to gather
the food before the famine hits!
The dreams, Joseph says, predict 7 years of Famine
for Egypt.
Back in Caanan the brother's future looks dim!
"Those Caanan days.....where have they gone?  Where di-i-i-i-d they go?"
Reuben (Josh) tells us how good it USED TO BE in
their country.
Unbeknownst to them...the brothers grovel for food at
Joseph's feet!
"Mighty Prince give us something to eat!"
"I will now take them all for a ride!  After all, they have
tried Fratricide!"
Joseph accuses young Benjamin of stealing a golden cup that
He, himself, has planted!
The brothers beg for Benjamin's life.  "Oh, no!  Not, he!  
Benjamin is straighter than the tallest tree!"
Joseph reveals himself as their long lost brother!
"Benjamin is honest as coconuts!"
Jacob is once again reunited with his favorite son!!
Joseph comes out to meet his father in his chariot of gold!
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