The Glove Theatre proudly presents...
Jekyll & Hyde
Utterson (Adam Ioele) tells the audience
that the story they're about hear is a
bizarre one!
Jekyll (Donald Dallaire) vows to find the cure for his fathers' illness.
"Look around you, I have found you!  Can not tell by looking at the surface what is lurking there beneath it!"
The rich do not trust the poor.
The board members convene to hear Jekyll's proposal of a new drug.
Jekyll feels the board had turned on him as a mob would.
Everyone trys to convince Emma not to waste her time on Jekyll.
Jekyll's nemisis Simon tries to goad him into a confintation.
But Emma and Henry are too much in love to care what
anyone says.
Even Emma's father is becoming concerned.
Jekyll and Utterson find themselves at the Red Rat!
Just an average night at the wild Red Rat!!
Lucy performs for the clientele!
Jekyll continues his experiments with man duality.....
Lucy is threatened by her boss, Spider, for being kind to Jekyll.
.....on himself!!  Creating MR. HYDE!!
In the dark city streets, Hyde seeks Lucy's attentions.
Hyde enjoys the freedom of dropping the shackles of Dr. Jekyll.
Dr. Jekyll's behavior is beginning to effect those close to him.
Hyde choses his first victim.
Lucy comes to see the good Dr. for Hyde's cruelty.
Jekyll begs Emma to believe in him, but to stay away
until the experiment's done.
The next two victims unwittingly walk into Mr. Hyde's domain!
Jekyll knows that Mr. Hyde must go back to his dark side.
As Jekyll & Hyde battle for supremecy, Lucy and Emma
lament over their love interests.
Hyde comes to see Lucy and wants her to be exclusively his.
Utterson threatens Hyde, but knows that Jekyll would die with him.
Jekyll struggles for supremecy!
Hyde decides that if he can't have Lucy, no one will have her.
The evil Mr. Hyde isn't about to give out without a fight!
Jekyll is determined that Mr. Hyde will die.
Thinking that he has won the battle, Jekyll happily stands
with Emma to be married.
But Hyde has one more surprise for everyone!
Knowing that he will never win, Jekyll throws himself on his
own knife.
The Cast of Jekyll & Hyde
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Jekyll & Hyde
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