The Glove Theatre Presents
A Fvnny thing Happened on the Way to
the Forvm
The Glove Theatre is now slowly becoming our Home Theatre!  This is
in no way a bad thing!  You can see how much fun we're having here!
"Something for everyone! A comedy tonight!"
Pseudolus (John) introduces the players in the play!
"To-o-o-oni-i-ight!!  1...2...3!!
Senex's (Keith) slaves help him prepare for
his journey.
Domina (Sarah) gives her final instructions
to Hysterium (Jake)
The resemeblence to Domina is
Pseudolus is accused of cheating the citizens
out of their money.
Pseudolus agrees to help Hero (Luke) get
Philia (Alaina) for his wife.
Marcus Lycus (Renoldo) instructs his eunuchs (Justin & Austin) to bring out his
girls for Pseudolus to choice his own companion.
Two sets of Gemini dance for Pseudolus' affections.
Hero and Philia declare their happiness at being
Philia and Hero together at last!
Hysterium voes to tell his Mistress about her son.
Their first kiss!
"Everybody aught to have a maid!"
A case of mistaken Identity
The old man (Rich) thinks that Hysterium is his long
lost daughter!
Marcus fears the worse when a Roman soldier
(Marc) show up!
Father and son are both convinced that the other
doesn't know anything about being in love!
"We have to stay calm!!"
"Left, right, left, right, there's none of the enemy
left, right?!"
"Bring me my Bride!"
Miles Gloriosus (John S.) wants the bride that he's
paid for in advance!
Miles demands the return of his bride.
Marcus skulks around the city in search of Philia!
But he has a plan to make everything work out!
Pseudolus is in danger of being put to death.
Domina returns home unexpectedly!!
Senex wants the "maid" to him immediately!
"That dirty old man of mine!"
Pseudolus and Hysterium lament the death of
the grave digger.
Philia and Hero know that she must go to her
Senex has bathed and is now ready for the new "maid"
"Positively Lovely!"
"You're lovely!"
Everyone is sad at the death of "the virgin"
Big Finish!!
"I must give her a kiss goodbye."
"She's alive!!"     "And she's gonna stay that way too!"
The Gemini are reunited again!
Senex mistakes Hysterium for his "maid"
Senex is not happy to know that he's been chasing
his own wife!
The three "virgins" meet!
The men fight over Hysterium...each thinking he's
The old man once again mistakes Hysterium for
his daughter.
Pseudolus chokes out his last breath!
"I'm this old man's baby girl!"
Miles finally gets his bride!
Philia and Hero together at last!!!
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