Rodger's and Hammerstein's
Once again we are back at the Glove Theatre!!  We were offered the roles of The King and Queen and we
couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with Tiffany and Donald again!
Our Fairy Godmother starts our
story off right!
The twins "harold" the announcement that
"The Prince is giving a ball!"
The Stepmother and Stepsisters finish up
their shopping for The Ball.
The children of the village have a little
fun with Cinderella (Tiffany).
The family (Katrina, Linda  & Ginny)
runs poor Cinderella ragged.
" The Ball??"
"I can be whatever I want to be!"
"I'm a young Norwegian Princess or a
milk maid..."
The King (Keith) and Queen (Trish)
discuss their sun's future.
"I'm a slave in Calcutta..."
The King has gotten "too big for his
The Queen trys to convince The King
that their son is very unhappy!
"The wine of my country is Beer!"

The Prince explains that he wants
to fall in love with a girl!
The King and Queen profess their love for
each other!
The men are baffled as to why the Queen is
crying.  She's just so proud of her son and husband.
"Boys and Girls like you and
The king is not happy about all the preparations for The Ball.
"Oh, I wish that I could go to The Ball!"
The family gets ready for The Ball...except
"Impossible things are happening every day!"
Cinderella shows her Fairy Godmother the
2 fat mice that she caught!
"Are you sure that we have to
stay for the whole thing?"
The King and Queen look on at the perspective
"wives" that their son's dancing with.
The sisters take turns dancing with the Prince!
The Fairy Godmother warns Cinderella
that she must leave by Midnight!
The Sister tells the Prince... "Do you know
what I want to be?  A Lawyer!"
Cinderella arrives at The Ball.
The King, Queen and The Prince seem much
happier with his new partner.
Cinderella and the Prince recount how
they've just met "Ten Minutes Ago"
The Stepsister's Lament  "Why would a fellow want a girl like her?"
The King and Queen dance with the guests of honor!
The King and Queen share a dance
at The Ball.
Reprise to Ten Minutes Ago
The Prince is happier than ever, but has no idea
that it's all about to come to end.
Cinderella dashes away before the clock strikes 12!
Sadly, all that's left is her glass slipper found on the
Cinderella helps them tell the
story of the wondrous night!
That night, the sisters tell Cinderella all about the ball!
The sisters fight over who the prince will
chose as his wife.
She assures them that she "only just supposes it
is so!"
Cinderella applauds their spirit and friendliness!
Poor Cinderella; she "doesn't have
a brain in her head!"
While the Prince is distracted; The Queen convinces The King
to let HER talk to him.
The King asks the Prince why he's so
obsessed with this one girl?
"...Or do you love her because she's beautiful?"
Every woman in the land has the right to try
on the slipper.
The Prince declares that he will not rest until he
finds the woman who fits the glass slipper!
Each sister gets her turn!
The Fairy Godmother tells The Princes' Pages that there is still
another young girl in the house that should have a chance!
The Pages bare the bad news that
they have not found the girl.
Cinderella convinces The Prince
not to give up his quest!
The Prince finally tries the slipper on Cinderella!
Cinderella apologizes for being so forward.
They say their "I Do's!"
The Royals arrive at the wedding of their son the Prince!
Impossible....things are happening every day!"