Star Wars VI:
Return of the Jedi
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker of Tatooine
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa Skywaker of Aldraan
Harrison Ford as General Han Solo
Someone who loves you!
Leia and Han share a romantic moment after
Han is freed from the Carbonite.
We have powerfull friends,
you're going to regret this.
I must be allowed to speak.
The Signal
Come on!!
The Rebel Alliance assembles
for a meeting about The Death
Leia and Luke join Han's team.
Little Wicket is not sure of what to
think of the Princess.
Leia battles a Stormtrooper on Endor.
Princess Leia emerges from the Ewoks' huts.
But these are my friends! Threepio,
tell them, they must be set free!
Story Telling on Endor
Luke surrenders to the Emperor and
his father.
Han: I'm sure Luke wasn't on that
thing when it blew.

Leia: He wasn't. I can feel it.