"Special Appearances By Carrie Fisher..."
Saturday Night Live: November 18, 1978
1. The Blue's Brothers
2. Carrie Fisher's Monologue (The Bantha Joke)
3. Beach Blanket Bimbo From Outer Space
4. The Loud Family
5. Mercy Killers
6. Weekend Update with Jane Curtin and Bill Murray
7. The Blues Brothers
Mr. Bill Goes Fishing
9. Tomorrow with Linda Blair
Marseilles Barfly Brandy
11. Bad Red Chinese Ballet
12. Roman Holiday
Laverne and Shirley: November 9 1982
This little spot came right on the heels of Star Wars V: The Empire
Strikes Back.
The Playboy Show was an episode where Laverne (Penny
Marshall) is convinced to audition to become a Playboy Bunny. While
filling out applications she meets Cathy (Carrie Fisher), who is also a
hopeful applicant. The two become friends through training, Laverne
helping Cathy through her first (and most memorable) encounter with
Squiggy, and Cathy trying to keep her nerves under control as she
meets her one last test: serving Hugh Hefner himself! But it is Cathy's
singing voice that saves her disaster of an audition!